Rachel Zoe - Nico Boot

I love pulling out my fall/winter boots after summer is over... and one of my favorite styles are over-the-knee boots. They are such a chic trend that can be dressed up or down and look good either way. My favorite way to rock them is with leggings or skinny jeans with a chunky sweater, like below:

I have heeled over-the-knee boots as well as flat, and I came across the Rachel Zoe Nico boot while searching for a wedged over-the-knee boot. Let's just say... I wish I had some left over dolla bills for these beasts:

 Are they not phenom??? They will set you back $745 but def a great wardrobe staple. Check them out here. 

Crawford & Clooney Cabo Compound

Good evening dahlingsssss!

Just like everyone else... I have nearly died over the images of Cindy Crawford and George Clooney's houses in the latest Architectural Digest. The firm Legoretta & Legoretta built their homes in tandem on two private lots in Los Cabos and they are absolutely stunning. The simplicity of the color palette highlights the gorgeous views... and the contrast of the warm wood and white plaster walls is stunning. Plus it doesn't hurt that the majority of the decor mentioned in the article is either Holly Hunt, Ralph Lauren or John Robshaw.

First is Cindy Crawford's crib...

And here is George Clooney's place... obsessed with this courtyard.

images via AD

Osborne & Little - Tyger Tyger


I am having a moment right now because I just saw an image of this FABULOUS wallpaper on Pinterest andddd need to use it somewhere... hopefully in my future closet. It is beyond! I can't handle it. Has anyone seen this installed?

images via O&L

Isabel Marant x H&M

Who elseeeeeeeee is super psyched for the release of the Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration on November 14th??? Lucky for us, part of the lookbook has leaked and it is pretty dang exciting. Check out a few of the looks, followed by a few of my favorites from the line:

images via Lucky Mag

Portion Control

Hi loves,

Sorry for the back to back health-related posts, but I am on a bit of a kick right now. I was looking at our plates before dinner tonight and thinking... its probably not the best idea that I typically serve myself on the 12" diameter dinner plates that we have. Do I really need that much food? No... I do not. So I looked up some info about portion control tonight that I wanted to share. Americans restaurants serve us  wayyy more than we need. Even small "individual" bags of chips have three serving sizes in them, but most of us eat the whole bag because the bag seems pretty small, right?

Just to give you an idea of how much we are served, take a look at what is put in front of us versus what we should be eating:

Yikes! $1,345 cals in one sitting?! While I don't ever order a burger and fries, I have realized how much more I eat than I need to, even if it is (usually) healthy. Here is some imagery to help us:

One serving of pasta is equivalent to one ice cream scoop? I knowww I overeat pasta whenever I make it at home AND when I eat out... I probably should just stop buying it :) Hope this helps everyone! xo

Werk-Out Motivation

Hey y'all. I am on a mayja workout kick right now... I always eat healthy and workout (usually) a few times per week, but I had a moment in the fitting room the other day (oh thats what my thighs look like from behind??) and decided okay - time to get it togetha. Sometimes its hard to get motivated... but what motivates me is, well, hot chicks that I want to look like :) That sounds kinda creepy but.. its true! What helps you guys stay on your Kanye Workout Plan?

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