Black White & Gold

Let me start by saying I am totally devastated by the date of my last post! I know the rule is to not mention it if you haven't posted in a while.. but over a month is a WHITE. I have been so freaking busy at work and in life, and my blog has been put on the back burner. Until thing quiet down, I am going to start with posting fabulous "rooms of the day" that blow my mind and need to be shared. I promise I will not disappear for so long! I love you all very much and need to get back to social media socializing :)

How fantastic is this room? I love the monotone palette but more than that, I am loving the doors that divide the two rooms. How amazing are they? A little detail that makes a big difference.. I want a house! LOL.

Hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy and my thoughts go out to everyone in NYC.. eeee hang in there! xo
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