I Don't Pop Molly...

I WISH I was rocking these Tom Ford booties.... wowwwwwza! That's all I can say. Sighhhh.
Check em' out here - $1150

Masculine Elements

I am loving this living room by Javier Castilla.. who has an amazinggg portfolio, by the way. Check it out here. I would have left out the pink accents if it were my place, but still love the overall look. That big black, white and gold abstract piece is to die for.

Neutral California Pad - MM

As some of you may know... I love Mary McDonald... very much. Not just her work - which is ahhhhmazing - but she is gorg and totally hysterical. I miss Million Dollar Decorators a lot. Anyway, I was so excited to see her spread in House Beautiful this month. She did modern with a soft touch the way that she always does so well.

The only room that is pretty punchy is the Den... Mary started the room in blue and white. But when she found a photo of her client's engagement in which the wife had on a red dress (enlarged and hung behind the sofa), it inspired her to pull a little red into the room. I am very into incorporating meaningful elements into interiors, so I love that personal little personal touch. And the color combo look phenom... obviously!

Enjoy! xo

images via House Beautiful

Aldo Matej

Aldo is not a store I usually stop in at the mall, but I came across these boots online and I am really feeling them for fall. With some skinny jeans and an off the shoulder sweater? Amazzze.
Aldo Matej $130

Simplistic Decor

Morning darlings.

There are so many amazing, colorful interiors but sometimes it is really refreshing to see neutral, minimalistic interiors. Something about the look makes me happy :) My boyfriend is Danish so he is very drawn to the white, clean, European feel of these rooms. I think the key to pull off the look is to make sure that the furniture that you do choose is really great since there isn't much furniture in the room as it is. Greys, creams, whites and blacks in combination with natural wood and a sheepskin throw.. done! Check out the organic looks below.

Don't you just want to curl up on that couch? I die for this space.

images via Pinterest

Blueprint Juice Cleanse


Has anyone tried one/more than one of the Blueprint juice cleanses? I was actually home sick today and thinking - oh my god, what is wrong with my stomach, maybe I need to try a cleanse! I really like food, so I have never been interested in a cleanse, but reading about it does make me think a 3-day cleanse may not be the worst idea.. every few months... just to give my stomach a break. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with this?

Anyway, once I feel better, which hopefully will be tomorrow, I am going to swing by Wegmans and pick up a few Blueprint juices to try them out. They have all kinds of cool flavors - Cashew Vanialla Cinnamon Agave sounds amazing to me. The cleanse is about $65 per day, so I want to make sure they are not nasty before dropping that kind of dough on some juice.

Blueprint is described as "the cleanse for foodies". I wouldn't say I am a foodie, but I couldn't do a tasteless cleanse for a few days. Check are some of the cleanse combos below... and find your local retailer here.

Diesel For Scavolini

Hey y'all!

Did anyone else see the super cool ad in the new Elle Decor for Diesel's partnership with Scavolini? It looks badass! In fact, Elle Decor International Awards 2013 even voted it Best Kitchen. I am really hoping we can get an male client with a nice budget one of these days, especially after seeing this imagery :) The line was designed around the concept of a social kitchen... that the kitchen should be a meeting place where people can gather and hang out... and look good doing it.

The line includes cabinets in a number of finishes, both wood and metal, as well as select furniture pieces - chairs, stools and tables. The edgy, industrial look of Diesel marries well with Scavolini's clean lines. Check it out below.

PS - The studded barstool? Ummmm yes please! So sick.

images via Scavolini.
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