Displaying Your Faboosh Friends

Good eveningggggg! So this weekend I was looking at the pile of glorious bags in my closet that were more or less shoved in the corner of my top shelf in their dust bags and realized how sad it was that they didn't have a better home. It seems criminal to hide such glorious items so we went to Ikea and got the Detolf Display Cabinet and I love how it turned out! I highly recommend it for displaying bags, jewelry, perfume... basically anything pretty :) It is very simple and does not take up much space, visually, which I needed in my small bedroom. I'm not trying to look like a hoarder y'all and nothing is worse than too MUCH furniture. 

Ikea Detolf In Black Brown $65

Space Of The Week

Goooooood morning lovelies. It has been a crazy fun install week for me but I am finally back in the office. Just wanted to share a phenomenal living room that was featured in Elle Decor - it is the perfect mix of clean and polished with the tribal, exotic vibe that I love. The tufted white sofa is feminine and beautiful and those antique rug upholstered arm chairs - to dieeee! The african coffee table is also amazing. Honestly, I am kinda obsessed with the whole apartment, but lets focus on one room at a time :)

Via Pinterest

Trending - Black & Gold

Black and gold is a huge look this fall and I am quite happy about it. Really, it has never been OUT of style because the combo of simple black and decadent gold has always been super chic. Do you have some version of these pieces in your closet? Check out some of my fav items for the upcoming season below.

1. Leather & Resin Necklace $110 2. Black Suede & Gold Tipped Heels $145
3. Chained Bullet Earrings $18 4. Coco Noir $130
5. SWAG Tee $13.80 6. Leather Spike Necklace $78
7. McQueen Clutch $2,095 8. Louis Vuitton Cirrus PM Mahina $3,600

J.Lo - How Are You So Hot?

My beauty regimen idol Jennifer Lopez was at Pure Nightclub in Vegas this weekend looking FLAWLESS as ever. Seriously... what does she do??? Goood lawwwd. Unreal.

Easy Breezy Headband


Don't you wish you had a quick easy fix on those days that your hair decides to get cray cray? I came across these adorable silver and gold stud headbands from boohoo.com, and I feel like I need both. For $8 each, why not?? Check them out here :)

Casa Midy

Helloooooo loves. How was everyone's Thursday? We have a big install next week which I am psyched about but there are a few straggling pieces that STILL have not arrived and they gave me a bit of a headache today. But thats all part of the business, right? Nothing some Thursday night football and Peppermint Pattie ice cream bars can't fix!

Anyway, I came across a furniture company today called Casa Midy that I am absolutely smitten with! Oh my god. For anyone who is drawn towards that tribal, ethnic decor with a slight twist, you will love this line as much as I do. They are based in Mexico and - of course - are not cheap pieces, but definitely show stoppers. Check out a few of my favorites below and check out the website yourself here.

Vivienne Westwood For Cole & Sons

What do you get when you mix the cray cray style of Vivienne Westwood with some wallpaper? You are lookin' at it! Every female/gay man has seen her work at least once - remember Carrie's wedding dress? Yes mammmmm. Check out these wild papers by the designer... would you use any of these in your home?

Sup bitchesss? 

Louboutin - Lady Peep Geek

Calling all nerds with some extra moola! Christian Louboutin has debuted a new look for fall and I dare say I would be totally okay with looking "nerdy" in these bad boys. The platform peep toes are embroidered with numbers, patterning and sequins with, of course, the classic red bottom that we all dream about at night. Nerd or not - would you rock these? Oh yeah... they are only $1,695. No big deal.

Rue Magazine Amazingness

Good Morning darlingsss! I wanted to post this last night but my boyfriend's car battery died so we had to search all over town for the correct battery... long story short, I didn't have time for my little blog. Anyway, Rue's newest issue is phenom! I liked a lot of the features, but my favorite was a mother-daughter pair who have pretty fantastic homes. Their homes are some of my favorite examples of mixing eclectic and modern to make a beautiful space. I will let the pictures do the talking - have a wonderful day!

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