Displaying Your Faboosh Friends

Good eveningggggg! So this weekend I was looking at the pile of glorious bags in my closet that were more or less shoved in the corner of my top shelf in their dust bags and realized how sad it was that they didn't have a better home. It seems criminal to hide such glorious items so we went to Ikea and got the Detolf Display Cabinet and I love how it turned out! I highly recommend it for displaying bags, jewelry, perfume... basically anything pretty :) It is very simple and does not take up much space, visually, which I needed in my small bedroom. I'm not trying to look like a hoarder y'all and nothing is worse than too MUCH furniture. 

Ikea Detolf In Black Brown $65

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Breakfast at Cindi's said...

This great for displaying your favorite goodies.

Cindi : )


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