Kelly Wearstler - Spring 2013

Good eveninggg my darlings. I had a very exciting day today becauseeee the Kelly Wearstler ring that I ordered arrived and it is about 5354 time more glorious in person. The picture shown on line was this:

Okay, is it just me, or do those kind of look like skin cancer spots? Not that I would know from PERSONAL experience.. but you feel me. But the structure of the ring was really fab and the description did say that the stones vary in appearance.. so I gave it a shot. And thank god I did (or really, thank my co-workers for telling me it was a good idea. Not that I need much encouragement to make me shop more) because in person it is freaking amazzze. Here is what I got:

Looks totally different, right? But amazing! I am so happy (if you are interested, the link is here). And I have a feeling my addiction to KW's jewelry line is only just beginning because check out some of her new fall pieces:

Chic Desk Accessories

Hi friends. I am switching desks in my office soon and I kind of want to get some new phenom accessories to really make it my own. I have a special place in my heart for everything brass/gold... so I am really digging the accessories below and feel I need them. Thoughts?

Colorful Maxi Skirts

I don't know about you guys but for me, Forever 21 is kind of like crack. I know I don't really need anything.. but if my bf is out of town or busy and I have a free hour or two, I suddenly find myself driving to the mall and coming home with something fun, cheap and really not necessary.. but glorious just the same. And lately, I have got some GREAT finds. Check out the latest and greatest below.

Navy Peplum With Gold Studs - $17.90
*The short sleeve version that I purchased in the store is not online... but check your local store.

Pleated Maxi Skirt In Blush - $25

Maxi Skirt In Teal - $12.50

Maxi Skirt In Royal - $12.50

Leopard Harem Pants - $23

Spiked Denim Vest - $30

Alexander McQueen - Studded Clutch

Can we all just say it together... holy SHITTT. Check out this deliciousness! Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus. I would sell my puppy for this one. Just kidding.. I wouldn't sell him for anything. I think. xo

Any takers?

Trending: Floral Madness

You have to be living under a rock to not notice the cray cray floral trend that is hitting the fashion world right now. I have not been very interested until tonight... when I spotted Kim K's floral Balmain jacket on the new season of KKTM. I am almost more obsessed with the Celine Matrix Twist sunnies that she has on. Basically, I will take the whole outfit.

Check out some of the floral pieces on the market...

We Got A Makeover!

I am not sure what kind of crack I was smoking when I chose the colors of my blog originally. Color is lovely but I just felt it was a little juvenile looking and distracted from the content. So... say hello to the new look! A little more muted and sophisticated. I LOVE IT.

For anyone needing to give their blog a little love, check out Jessica Sims Design. Jessica is absolutely wonderful and is so great to work with. Be back later tonight with a real post... xx

A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Currently making me happy...
hope you had a good Monday xx

Sugar Paper - Fab Paper Source

I was kicking myself after the holidays because I waited to long to actually order some pretty Thank You cards.. so I had to go in Hallmark and pick from their pretty corny selection. Sorry Hallmark.. but it is what it is.

One website I adore for cards, notepads, place cards, wrapping paper, etc is Sugar Paper, an LA based site which has super cute stuff. Check it out below or go to their website.

Beyonce's 2013 Inauguration Look

Who was off work today! I was in the office.. I was sad I missed the inauguration ceremony, but thank goddd for the internet because I was able to watch it tonight. Of course I am now delayed in my discovery of Miss Beyonce's gorgeous earrings but wowww! Emerald is the color of the year and she rocked the shiz out of it. They were 80-carat emerald Lorraine Schwartz sparklers that really stole the show. Love!

Images via US Magazine

Fun Furniture Hardware

Nothing makes a piece of furniture more fabulous than some great hardware. I feel like the best Ikea Hacks are always the pieces that just get upgraded hardware... it makes a world of a difference. Check out some of my favorites...

Longhorn Skull Knob $12 :: Zig Zag Pull Price Upon Request
Octagon Pull $75 :: Brass Lion Head Pull $3
Brass Euro Pull $67 :: Antler Knob $14

Workin' In Style

When the design firm I work for first opened, we were in a skinny row house in downtown Baltimore, but we recently took over the entire second floor of an old, historic building in Pikesville which has beautiful exposed stone walls and old wood floors... really gorgeous. I will have to take some pictures and post them for you guys to see - I am reallllly lucky. I know I am now spoiled, but I can't imagine working in a creative job without having a work space that is so fun & fabulous. Some of my favorite images on Pinterest are of uuuber fabulous desks and offices. Take a look at some of my favorites below :)

images via Pinterest.
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