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Before I started working in the interior design world, the idea of wallpaper did not make me excited. In fact, I thought it was dated and blah. But that has absolutely changed! Sometimes, you just don't know what is out there until you are exposed to it. I was looking at Kelly Wearstler's book, Hue, tonight and she uses realllly great wallpaper. So I pulled up a few other images of wallpaper that I would LOVE to have in my house that doesn't exist yet!

Does wallpaper scare you guys? Or do you feel differently now that you have laid your eyes on the fabulousless below...

Animal Heads As Wall Decor? Yesssss.

As wild as it is, ceramic, porcelain, metal and paper mache animal heads have become really popular wall decor. And I'm not gonna lie... I am pretty obsessed! The multi-colored heads probably belong in a fun kid's bedroom only, but the white, solid colored or metal heads could make a room pretty fabulous! Especially against a dark wall paper or paint... gloriousssss. Would you try this trend?

Fabulous People: Charles Dwyer

When I was at an art gallery recently, I was introduced to the work of Charles Dwyer... needless to say, it was love at first sight. His pieces are always of females and he has a unique way of illustrating a beautiful, intense woman while at the same time mixing in autobiographical elements, hidden images and even handwritten script. You can stare at the same piece for a long time and slowly discover new details which make it even more intriguing. Most of his pieces are a little dark, but I think they are incredible.

I had a favorite that I cannot find online, but take a look at some of the pieces below; they are a mix of originals and limited edition. They range in price, but the one I liked was $7,000. I included the titles of each piece for reference.

I almost hate for you to see these for the first time online because it is impossible to see all of the detail... ah well! What do you think?

Lace Glove



Lace And Stripes

Serious In Red


The Affirmation
LOVE this piece


The Bootstrap Project - Trade, Not Aid

I came across this really cool movement and wanted to share with you guys. The Bootstrap Project is a non-profit organization that supports artisans in less fortunate countries. Basically, they create beautiful authentic furniture, accessories and textiles and sell them in an effort to better themselves and their community. It is a really wonderful concept.. ethnic decor is one of the hottest trends right now, and what could be better than getting these items right from the source.. and for a great cause!

Their motto is: its trade, not aid. Below are some of my favorite items they have for sale. Check the website to learn more or purchase -

Stools from Tajikistan, $199 each

Beautiful ethnic fabric

Ikat pillows from Tajikistan, $60 each

Flat baskets from Zambia, $30 for small size $40 for large size (I LOVE these but they are sold out of the large size... I will keep checking back).

Chevron pattern on the inside of the small baskets

Handmade African pouf from Zambia, $60

Ikat bowl from Tajikistan, $100

Suzani from Tajikistan, $100

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am spending today watching football and hanging with the fam so I don't have time for a long post.. but I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many, many things in life: my loved ones, my health, my job!, where I have been and where I am going :) 

Have a great day and long weekend dahlings. 
PS: I will post pics of my pretty table setting in a few days!

Tiny puppy... should I be embarrassed that he is the first picture?

Still just as entertaining...

Momma <3

Relaxing in NY



Releasing new born turtles in Cabo

Book signing in High Point, NC (I mentioned I'm thankful for my job, right?)

Brudda :)


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