Helllooo Friends! (or frienD, as this is a brand new blog I won't have many readers) - 

I keep saying that I want to look into making a blog to share some of the awesome things I come across through work and play on a daily basis, but I keep putting it off. Wellll, today is the day! So welcome to my blog.. I love reading other blogs for inspiration and ideas and I hope I can give back and share some fun things with those who visit :)

I know Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but I am a Christmas Eve baby so I start getting excited for the holidays pretty early. This year I am going to decorate my windows.. all you need is ribbon (super cheap) and either bulbs, candy canes, or anything else festive! What will you be doing to get your casa ready for santa this year?

 I know this last image is totally unrelated, but how gorgeous do those lights look?

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Anonymous said...

I love the bulbs! Cute and easy to do!

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