Unique & Delicioussss Christmas Tree Skirts

I know what your thinking... Christmas again?! But I had to go to Walmart today and walked through aisles and aisles of Christmas decor. By the way, for those thinking of doing the oversized bulbs hanging from ribbon on the windows, Walmart is a great source; they have sets of 35 shatter-proof ornaments in an array of colors.

Anyway! The trip made me think about the fact that I need a tree skirt, so I started looking online and had to share some of my finds. It is kind of hard to find a nice looking skirt for a reasonable price, but all but the last skirt shown are under $100. Check them out below...

Linen Ruffle Skirt - Etsy.com

Crocheted Chevron Skirt - Etsy.com

Red Linen Skirt - Etsy.com

Red Stripe Skirt - Etsy.com

Faux Fur Skirt - Westelm.com

Multi-colored Crocheted Skirt - Anthropologie.com

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Deborah said...

I loooove these! Does this mean it's time to purge the Santa skirt?!

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