The Bootstrap Project - Trade, Not Aid

I came across this really cool movement and wanted to share with you guys. The Bootstrap Project is a non-profit organization that supports artisans in less fortunate countries. Basically, they create beautiful authentic furniture, accessories and textiles and sell them in an effort to better themselves and their community. It is a really wonderful concept.. ethnic decor is one of the hottest trends right now, and what could be better than getting these items right from the source.. and for a great cause!

Their motto is: its trade, not aid. Below are some of my favorite items they have for sale. Check the website to learn more or purchase -

Stools from Tajikistan, $199 each

Beautiful ethnic fabric

Ikat pillows from Tajikistan, $60 each

Flat baskets from Zambia, $30 for small size $40 for large size (I LOVE these but they are sold out of the large size... I will keep checking back).

Chevron pattern on the inside of the small baskets

Handmade African pouf from Zambia, $60

Ikat bowl from Tajikistan, $100

Suzani from Tajikistan, $100


Charlene said...

ummm, love this!

Peak said...

Me too isn't it great??? I can totally see us using all of these glorious little items.

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