Happy Thanksgiving!

I am spending today watching football and hanging with the fam so I don't have time for a long post.. but I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many, many things in life: my loved ones, my health, my job!, where I have been and where I am going :) 

Have a great day and long weekend dahlings. 
PS: I will post pics of my pretty table setting in a few days!

Tiny puppy... should I be embarrassed that he is the first picture?

Still just as entertaining...

Momma <3

Relaxing in NY



Releasing new born turtles in Cabo

Book signing in High Point, NC (I mentioned I'm thankful for my job, right?)

Brudda :)


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Deborah said...

You are my little baby dahling...and I am so very lucky. LOVE love love the tiny Luca pics. He has only become more entertaining as he's -- ahem -- matured.

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