NYC Trip: ABC Building

Ok - I couldn't wait until tomorrow... more pics more pics! There were a LOT of pretty things in ABC...

I thought this was such a good idea... putting pretty stones in a long, skinny trough with sand in it. Having this on a coffee table or down the center of a dining table would be amazing.

How gorgeous are these large, aged planters? I have never seen them in baby blue; they are stunning.

Beautiful! I would love this for my place...

This is what you see when you walk into Madeline Weinrib's area of the store. If you have not seen her collection, you must check it out here.

Funky console with MW rug hanging above it.

These chairs are so fantastic... I had to take a pic.

Rugs, rugs, overdyed and Moroccan style rugs!

This mutli-colored dyed rug was so stunning... 

Natural design with some spicy pillows

Tons of fun!

Love all of these pillows...

NYC Trip: D&D Building

Here are a few of my favorite things from the D&D building in New York. We visited a few show rooms that we were interested in so I had to snap some pics. I have so many fun things that I want to post that I will break it up into a few days so that there aren't 50 pictures in one post.

Hope you get inspired!

Good Morning New York!

Ralph Lauren Show Room - love this trunk.

Loved the glam factor in this room...

These pillows had a leather flange that looked really unique 


This room had wall to wall sisal with antique rugs, nailhead chairs and terra cotta olive jars.

Pony hair zebra + python throw pillow = awesome!

A very RL look.

How awesome is this coffee table? 

Fun chair in the Paul Ferrante showroom.

Dedon outdoor furniture - it might be hard to believe but this chair is super comfortable!

Fun outdoor chair...

The perfect lounger by Summit

Resting our feet for a minute... lobby of the Plaza

Jute chair by Ralph Lauren... the picture does not do it justice - the texture of the chair is fantastic.

Hello Social Media.

Oh yeah... I added my Twitter and Facebook to my page today (as you can see). I just thought it would be nice to have one place where all of my social media spots are together! Now that I FINALLY got an iPhone, I have been on Twitter a lot more, so I will be checking in daily, posting pics of any awesome things going on around me, etc. LOL.

I am going to NYC for work on Sunday and Monday, and will be back late Monday night, but will do a post about my trip on Tuesday! We will be at NYC Gift Show as well as visiting some antique stores and other fun vendors.

Have a great weekend!

Elle Decor: Getting Color & Light Right

I was on the Elle Decor website this week and came across an article I wanted to share with you guys. It discusses how to find the perfect paint color for a room and gives tips from experts in the field on which factors to consider in your search.

You might be thinking, how difficult can it really be to choose a paint color for a wall? And in some ways your right, it isn't rocket science. But something I keep learning every day in interior design is that the small details can make or break a room. Anyone can pick a color, but it is the designer's job to think about functionality, balance, etc... things that the average joe may not spend time thinking about!

The tips in this article were very helpful to me and will hopefully be helpful to you as well! I summarized the four keys points in the article, but feel free to read it in it's entirety here.

1. Geography: Where in the house is the room? In the US, south-facing rooms get sunlight the majority of the day, while north-facing rooms do not get much direct sunlight. In rooms with less sunlight, it is preferable to use warmer tones as they will brighten the room without the help of the sun. In rooms with abundant sunlight, you should use cooler tones to balance out the natural brightness. 

2. Utility: How will the room be used? The article cites a client who had a room in his home he only used at night. In this case, you want to go with a color that looks nice against the light of a lamp or sconce, such as a warm chocolate tone. On the other hand, a bright breakfast nook begs for a neutral or white, which looks crisp in the sun. 
If the room is cool and dark - add warmth.
If a room is bright and light - add coolness. 

3. Context: What else is in the room? If you have a rug that is a deep purple, that hue is going to reflect on the walls. All of the colors in the room must "get along" to create balance. Additionally, the increasingly popular fluorescent light bulbs definitely change the colors in a room, so that should be taken into account as well. 

4. Trial And Error: Why not start small? Pick a few colors you are considering and paint a piece of poster board and put it in the room. Live with it for a few days before making a more permanent decision. 

This room clearly gets a lot of sunlight (window hidden on the right side), so a cool, navy blue looks lovely with the white furniture and accessories. 

This comfy dining alcove has no light, so the pomegranate red warms up the space nicely.

Fabulous People: Celerie Kemble

Good eveninggggg! My co-worker and I were just discussing designer Celerie Kemble's book, Black & White, earlier this week because it is on our list to buy. I was on Amazon earlier today to buy something for the office and looked it up (I buy all of my design books off of Amazon because the prices are insanely better than in stores). To my delight, Amazon gives a sneak peak of the book and lets you click through a few pages... and it of course looks fantastic. So I wanted to shares some images with you in case you were also on the search for a fresh and fabulous design book for your coffee table/life.

Kemble explains the basics of design - keeping it as simple as black and white - and shows some of her best work in those colors. She goes into how to balance a room, her favorite black and white paint colors and a bunch of other great tips thattttt I don't even know about yet because I don't have the book! But I already know they are great :)

You can find the book on Amazon here.

On the hunt...

I am looking for a snake print blazer like the one shown below (it is from Zara but no longer available). Has anyone come across one in a store or on a website? I really want one but they are so hard to find. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Wild Wednesday: Metallic Fun

Metallic furniture is a really fun way to spice up a room. I think it is nice to throw into a room that has a lot of wood to switch up the finish a little bit. While a metallic chair alone may not be the most comfortable, it will look fabulous with a funky pillow in the seat. Or, just put it somewhere that it isn’t actually needed and functionality will no longer be a concern! I also found some pretty great metallic accessories. Obviously you don’t want to over-do it and have an entire room of metallics. Remember, just like most of the Wild Wednesdays posts… a little bit goes a long way :) Enjoy!

Jason Wu For Brizo - Make Your Bathroom As Trendy As You Are

Well known fashion designer Jason Wu teamed up with Brizo to make some pretty delicious faucets and bathroom accessories. The collection has a modern, matte black finish that is just like a little black dress: timeless, chic and goes with just about anything. The faucets not only look fantastic... they are smart too. They use SmartTouchPlus technology, which includes hands free and touch sensitive activation. When I saw the Brizio ad in House Beautiful this weekend, I was really impressed and had to share with you guys. I also included my favorite looks from Wu's Spring 2012 line... so fabulous.

What do you think, would you put any or all of this collection in your bathroom?

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