Nars Velvet Lip Pencils

Over the weekend, I visited my own personal heaven, aka Sephora, and got two Nars lip pencils. I had been wanting to try their matte pencil because, while I do like lipstick, sometimes I want a little color that is more casual. Anyway, I really love these pencils! They don't dry out my lips and I kind of forget that it is on - which is a good thing. Also, the color is almost like a stain because it stays on all day long. I got a Velvet Gloss Pencil in Desert Rose and a Velvet Matte Pencil in Sex Machine. Let me also add that I am NOT doing the kissy face to be cute... on the contrary, my lips are so freaking thin that I need to bunch them together in order to accurately show the colors I got. LOL Thankssss for the great genes mom. Anyway, as you can see, they are very natural looking colors which don't scream - I have on lip color! 

Sex Machine

Desert Rose

My Newest Obsession - Nasty Gal

Now now before you start getting dirty ideas in your head of what my new obsession is - let me introduce you to a glorioussssss clothing source. Well, its not like this is a website that is new to the world, it is only new to me... but I am quite excited about it! Have you heard of it? They just have super trendy pieces for great prices. Below are a few of my favorite, but check out the entire collection here.

Open Knit Sweater - $65
View Here

Batwing Blouse - $48
View Here

Roma Dress - $68
View Here

Tangerine Belted Shorts - $58
View Here

Mint Blouse - $38
View Here


Hope you are having a good Monday... I will be back later tonight for a post! xo

Spring Tablescapes

This beautiful weather has me wishing that I had a lovely backyard in which I could throw a chic, spring lunch/dinner party. I love looking at different tablescapes because there are so many ways to make a setting look gorgeous... and there is always a setting that you haven't thought of yet!

What do you think of these fab tablescapes? Are you hoping to throw/be invited to a glorious spring party too?

Mellow Yellow

Wow... just saw this pic and had to share. How amazing does Kimmy Kim look in this yellow dress? It is easy to go with the expected little black dress, but I do love it when someone knows what colors looks amazing on them and WORKS it. Kindaaaaa want a yellow dress now...

John Vavartos - Trendy Interiors

A client we are currently working with described her hubby's style as "John Varvatos"... meaning not only fashion but the store interiors. So of course, we Googled some images, as I have never been in a John Vavartos store, and they are pretty awesome! Guys typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to shopping in general, as department stores/shopping centers/all stores cater more to women. The combination of the dark walls, industrial decor, antique area rugs and funky lighting make for a trendy and fun atmosphere.

Have you ever been to a J.V. location? I am really loving the feel of these interiors.

Here She Is!

Yes.. I am pretty pumped about my new edition. I even picked a matching coral when I got a manicure tonight. Yesssssssss mam! Now, I want every single color stone available. LOVEEEE!

Last Chance...

Good Morning my loves... I just wanted to do a quick post reminding anyone who was interested in my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that there is only one more day of Ebay bidding left! So if you like it... keep an eye on it in the next 24 hours :) The bid is at $75. Check it out here (and below is the pic). xoxo

Yes Vogue Yesss.

I have been seeing this amazingggg Vogue-featured living room around the web and I seriously cannot get enough of it. The lucky gal it belongs to? Bettina Prentice, New Yorker and owner of Prentice Art Communications. From the Jamie Young/Philippe Starck lamps to the purple skull on her coffee table books, the space is extremely unique and stunning but also looks comfortable. Perfection! Are you loving this room as much as I am? View the entire apartment here.

Dreamy Four Poster Beds

Hi! Sorry I did not do a post yesterday... I have been crayyyzay busy. Between work, my Ebay sales ending last night and the rest of my life, I have been a wild woman this week. Anyway. I have never had a room big enough to accommodate a large, four poster bed, but I hope to some day. There is something extra cozy about a four poster bed loaded with pillows and faux fur throws. Ahhhhh. Its making me sleepy already.
PS - My Arty should be here tomorrow.. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited :)

Arty For Me

As you may know from my previous post, I have been lusting after a YSL Arty ring for quite some time. Well, this morning I check my email in bed, as usual, and what do you know - the Saks Friends & Family Sale began today! Not sure where I have been but I thought Bloomingdales was the only store that did Friends & Family.. anyway. If you haven't been to their website, stop by... 20% off clothing, 15% off jewelry (promo code - FRIENDS).

So! At first I had the blue lapis in my shopping bag... then that sold out. Then I had the light blue in my shopping bag... then that sold out. Then I started to panic!!! So I went with the coral... which I don't even want to say is a third choice, because they were all kind of tied. I loved the light blue, but that is kind of the color that everyyyyyone has. Long story short, I have a beautiful coral and gold Arty coming my way, so hopefully I will love it just as much as I think I will! I'll def post pics when it arrives.

Shoe Lusting - Skull Edition

How absurdly amazing are these Kermit Tesoro skull heels? These aren't from a new collection, but they are so incredible that they deserve mention. Wow!

Also, I just won my first Ebay auction - go me! Thank you to the lovely Kecia from Couture Zoo for featuring these awesome Death NYC prints this week, because now I will have a fun new piece for my wall!

Nail Freaks - I Have An Announcement!

Oh my gahdddddd y'all. Anyone who knows me know that I have an obsession with nails/nail polish/cray cray nail polish colors. So when I stopped by Lauren's amazing blog, LA In The Bay, and read about Nars' Thakoon collection, I nearly died. The colors are fantastic! I can't image better colors for spring/summer.

Unfortunately, they are not for sale until May 1st - sorry instant gratification readers. But pleassse believe I will have more than one of these babies when they are for sale. Will you be bold enough to rock one of these wild shades?

PS: I included the names of each of the polishes for your wish lists... ;) I personally will need Anardana and Amchoor ASAP.

Have a great weekend!

Take A Picture Witchya Video Phonnne

Rocking my Bauble Bar necklace you saw earlier this week... love it!
New for spring! Do you like?

Green tea + big rings = happiness :)

Happy Friday Lovelies! xo

Wild Wednesday - JT Into Interiors?

Hi dolls (yes, I have been watching too much Kardashians while home alone). I can't believe it is already 11:20pm! I feel like I have been totally slacking on my posts this week. My better half has been in Copenhagen for work since Friday and he gets home tomorrow, so tonight I have been rushing around doing all of the things I should have done earlier in the week: cleaning up, doing dishes, folding wash and painting my nails. Oh and I went to Target and Michaels Ars & Crafts. AND I have on a face mask right now. If thats not multi-tasking then I don't know what is y'all! I am sure he won't notice if my nails look good or not but, you know, I can't have my nails looking a messss when my man gets home.

ANYWAY. Have you guys heard the Justin Timberlake is coming out with an online home decor line called HomeMint that he co-created with Estee Stanley? Is there anything that man doesn't do? Good lordddd. JT has worked with Stanley on all of his homes and when they were approched by BeachMint (the company behind ShoeMint, BeautyMint, etc.) they got on board to create a line together. Sign up for $10 a month and receive discounts on all products. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out some of the pics below and let me know what you think. If you ask meeeee I am feeling like the collection is a bit overpriced for what it is, probably because you can brag that JT created it so that makes it cooler. Or read the Q&A yourself here.

I'll give it to him... that hair has come a long way from his Nsync days

Large cutting board: $180/$150 for members
Small cutting board: $130/$100
Dinner plates: $55/$40 for a set of 2
Bowls: $50/$35 for a set of 2

$1,000/$750 for a set of 3

Art: $200/$150

Diamond rug: $1,450/$1,150
Turkish rug: $2,160/$1,500

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