Cashmere Interior at AVAM

Last night I went to the American Visionary Art Museum with my lovely co-workers for their annual fund raiser. It was such a fun event... we were given a tour of the museum, followed by a silent auction, happy hour, and a delicious dinner. We sat at a table with the owner and buyer of Urban Chic (anyone local probably knows about their fabulous stores) and they were a ton of fun! Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the picture I took during our tour because the museum has some amazing pieces.

PS: I know I promised my first SDL video this weekend but I got so super busy I didn't have time. I promise I will have one for you guys tomorrow night!

I loved this frame with the brass accents in each corner.

Hello little man.

This entire piece was made out of paper plates... pretty amazing!

A Mayan rock - reallyyy old. 

I loved this piece. It is hard to tell from this image but it is made of hundreds of buttons, keys and other unique artifacts. 

I liked this little creepy guy :)

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