Wallpaper Is Wonderful

Oh my god! Clearly I am new at this... I have to figure out how to film a video that lasts about three minutes because for some reason, Blogger won't let me upload one that is more than two minutes. I made like.. ten videos. LOL. Oh lorddd. I promise I will figure this out so it works better in the future. PS: In one of my many videos, I mention that the company I show you guys is to the trade only, but that video didn't make the cut! So just so that non-designers are not searching madly for Phillip Jeffries online, it is not for sale. But there are similar options out there for everyone and I wanted to show you guys! Ok - enjoy!

Herringbone - very masculine

Moroccan - how fun is this??? So pretty in this entry space

Stripe on hemp

Dun du du dunnnnn! The rivets :) Pretty fun, right?

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