Wild Wednesday - JT Into Interiors?

Hi dolls (yes, I have been watching too much Kardashians while home alone). I can't believe it is already 11:20pm! I feel like I have been totally slacking on my posts this week. My better half has been in Copenhagen for work since Friday and he gets home tomorrow, so tonight I have been rushing around doing all of the things I should have done earlier in the week: cleaning up, doing dishes, folding wash and painting my nails. Oh and I went to Target and Michaels Ars & Crafts. AND I have on a face mask right now. If thats not multi-tasking then I don't know what is y'all! I am sure he won't notice if my nails look good or not but, you know, I can't have my nails looking a messss when my man gets home.

ANYWAY. Have you guys heard the Justin Timberlake is coming out with an online home decor line called HomeMint that he co-created with Estee Stanley? Is there anything that man doesn't do? Good lordddd. JT has worked with Stanley on all of his homes and when they were approched by BeachMint (the company behind ShoeMint, BeautyMint, etc.) they got on board to create a line together. Sign up for $10 a month and receive discounts on all products. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out some of the pics below and let me know what you think. If you ask meeeee I am feeling like the collection is a bit overpriced for what it is, probably because you can brag that JT created it so that makes it cooler. Or read the Q&A yourself here.

I'll give it to him... that hair has come a long way from his Nsync days

Large cutting board: $180/$150 for members
Small cutting board: $130/$100
Dinner plates: $55/$40 for a set of 2
Bowls: $50/$35 for a set of 2

$1,000/$750 for a set of 3

Art: $200/$150

Diamond rug: $1,450/$1,150
Turkish rug: $2,160/$1,500


Maranda Marie said...

A agree, a little over priced and the discount doesnt seem that worth it.
Kinda cool to know that he's into interior design though, haha I bet his fiance likes that!

Btw....there is NEVER such a thing as "too much kardashian" ;) I love them!

Peak Rainey said...

I bet Jessica Biel loves everything he does because shawty certainly has not been in any good movies lately... she needs her man to bring home the dough! Andddd I will have to agree with you, Kardashians are totally my guilty pleasure :)

Like Me Some said...

I dig JT but I think you're right.. A lil' pricey!!!

Peak Rainey said...

My fav items that I could rationalize buying at the rugs... the prices are decent and they are very pretty. Although, we don't know what size they are, so maybe I should take that back. It could be $1450 for a 4x6 LOL

McKae @ kaes corner design said...

While i do love me some JT, I have to agree that it is a little overpriced. Those stools are pretty cool though. I just found your blog and it is fabulous! I'm excited to follow along!


Peak Rainey said...

How about a new album?? That I would be really happy with! The stools are cool, I agree. Thank you so much for stopping by! Love yours too.. I like you latest post about neons, I need more in my life :) Have a great weekend!

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