Wild Wednesday - Comic Art

Good evening lovely readers. I can't believe it is already Wednesday again! I have been so busy at work that time has just been flying by. Do you know anyone who is so into comics that they would use comic art as a focal point in their living space? Its pretty hardcore and wild... but also kinda cool. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a dork and love stuff like this! The Batman...awesome. I did a post on Comic Chic fashion last month!



Peak Rainey said...

I am kinda obsessed with the batman painting. That is actually a shot from Ralph Lauren's home in NYC so if you are a nerd for liking it, then she is too, and I don't think anyone would call him a nerd :) I have never been to Comic Chic Fashion LOL I want to check it out now though! xo

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