Minimalist Heels Pack A Punch

Like the fashion-hoarder that I am, I have already begun making move on my spring wish list, despite the fact that it is not even spring yet and is still much too cold for all of these wonderful items. Well, it was almost 60 degrees this weekend, so give me a breakkk.

Anyway, I took a trip to one of my favorite places on earth, Zara, and scooped the minimalist heels I was coveting, but in a different color. I loved the coral online, but in person, the black with the gold heel was absurd and I had to have it. Check them out yourself here.

Ummm yeah shawty.

Stella McCartney In Milan

I saw an image of this incredible colorful herringbone flooring on Pinterest and almost dieddd. This is not exactly a new development; Stella McCartney opened this store in Milan in 2010, but I am late to the party so if anyone else is too, you can now enjoy this gloriousness. The clothing racks are sculptural powder coated steel rails in a gold tone finish and the multi-colored herringbone flooring is a designer's dream. It would be a bit over the top in a house but commercially, it is phenom. Ahhh... enjoy loves. xo

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Currently Coveting... Spring Trends

Good dayyyy my friends. Did anyone else stay home from work today thinking we were getting the blizzard of the year anddd ended up feeling pretty stupid since we got less than 2 inches, like myself? Ugh. Oh well... working from home/scouring fashion blogs reminded me about a few key pieces I neeeed to complete my spring wardrobe. I am really loving a lot of the trends this spring... not that I have any room left in my pathetic one bedroom apartment closet:

Umm yeah... only a matter of time before that shit collapses. Probably while I am sleeping and I will think there was an earthquake/murderer nearby. Gahhd. 

Any suggestions on some clever necklace storage? I put them on this tray and put it on the shelf in my closet... its kind of the best idea I have for right now since I am so strapped for space. 

SO - back to the things I want to add to my nonexistent little closet :) 

Trend #1: Easy Breezy Spring Dress - Something chic and comfortable never goes out of style for summer events and this def fits the bill, as it also covers the oh so popular black & white trend thats EVERYTHINGGG right now:

Nena Dip Dye Dress - $110 At Thread Sence

Trend #2: Pointed Toe/Ankle Strap/Clear Heel - Umm all of these things are glorious right? So pack it all into one shoe and what do you get? A glorious creation by Jeffrey Campbell.. yep, I need it. 

Bibi Pump - $142 At Nasty Gal
Trend #3: Floral Floral Floral - I myself loveee some contrast, so pairing this pretty floral blazer with some leather pants/shorts and mean pumps sounds kind of amazing. 

Claude Floral Blazer - $30 At Tobi
Trend #4: Leather Everything - Its every where. I have seen a bunch of leather shorts, but most are too bootylicious for an actual adult to wear.. who isn't a hooker. BUT Zara has a great high waist pair that is def a necessity. 

Leather Effect Short - $60 At Zara
Trend #5: Cropped Tops - All of the high waisted bottoms this season allow for fun cropped tops. Rihanna's collection for River Island is fabulous and she has a great cropped top in her line.

Cropped Sweatshirt In Navy - $75 At River Island
Trend #6: Minimalist Heels - Last but certainly not least, because they are fabulous, very simple heels are big this season. Its a nice change from the mile high heels which I do love, but aren't super practical for work/normal life. 

Combination High Heel Sandal - $50 At Zara
Anyone already scoop one of these items? Please let me know what you think! xo
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