Ralph Lauren - Desert Modern

I love everything about the Ralph Lauren Desert Modern Collection. Obviously the setting of this home does not hurt at all, but the neutral colors let the gorgeous terrain do all the talking. Can you imaging curling up on that outdoor sectional with a glass of wine? Ohhh my lord. Check out the collection here.


Blake Lively - Savages Premiere

How stunning is Blake Lively in this Zuhair Murad couture gown??? I love the hair and the minimal accessories with such a detailed dress... perfection!

Hoop Fever

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am in a hoop phase. Kinda obsessed. I just got the Belle Noel Honey Hexagon Hoops in gold and they are so fab! I am also waiting for two other pairs; the CC Skye Lady Hawk Cobra hoops and Noir Pyramid Hoops (pictured below). Do you rock hoops? Yay or nay on this style?

CC Skye Lady Hawk Hoops

Noir Pyramid Hoops
Belle Noel Honey Hexagon Hoops

Wit & Wisdon At The Four Seasons

Has anyone local been to the new Four Seasons in Baltimore yet? It is reallllly glorious. My bf and our two friends went to the bar/restaurant there, Wit & Wisdom, this past Friday night and I was not disappointed. The decor is pretty rockin' and the food is great too. I snapped a few pics while we ate... check them out below! xo

Stella McCartney - Falabella

As someone who hardly ever wins a bidding war on Ebay, I somehow snagged this fabulous pink Stella McCartney Falabella bag! Woohoo! Cannot wait until it comes... I will post pics fa sho :)

Wild Wednesday - Spot On

I am not sure why any and everything leopard makes me feel so happy inside... but it does. If worn the right way, leopard can become a timeless neutral that looks pretty fabulous on almost everyone. Love!

10 Tried & True Decorating Tips

I love love LOVE reading/hearing advice and tid bits from established designers. I still have so much to learn so I try to absorb every little thing that I can. I came across this Southern Living article on Pinterest and thought it had some really good tips, not just for designers but for everyone! Just the other day my mom asked me how on earth she is supposed to hang the new drapery panels she just got - so here is the answer to that and more from editor-in-chief of Southern Living, Lindsay Bierman. Enjoy y'all!

PS - I am totally summarizing his advice... click here for the full article :)

1. When you want a room to be a warm white - sans peachy/yellow tones - go with Benjamin Moore Ivory White (925). Plain and simple! 

2. Fool proof sofa styles: A square armed tuxedo and a Charles of London - both styles work well in almost all decor 

Charles Of London Sofa

3. If you can't afford the Oushak rug of your dreams, go for a sea grass rug instead - it is way cheaper and almost as fabulous (this one even has a great geometric print)!

4. As your budget increases, you can toss a dhurrie or flokatis rug over the sea grass to soften it up a bit.

Love this look...

5. Hang your curtain rods about 2 inches from the ceiling or crown molding - hanging drapery close to the ceiling makes the room and window look much bigger.
6. It looks best to extend your curtain rod 4 inches outside of the window casting (excluding finials).

7. Hang an outside mount roman shade to align with the top of your drapery panel, and lower it just enough so it covers the very top of the window casting - the room looks proportioned and the window looks super tall. 

8. Hang your chandelier about 33 inches above the table. 

9. If you want to upgrade your countertops to stone, go with the 2 inch thickness versus the standard 1 and 1/4 inch thickness. 

10. His last tip is catered more to his Southern readers:) A great alternative to the chunky, plantation shutters are more refined, customizable shutters by ShutterBlinds.com.

I hope this helps some of you delicious readers! Have a great night... Go Miami Heat :)

Stylish Snorkeling

Ok, summer has arrived and I havvve to discuss these ridiculously amazing shoes. Louboutin has created the Snorkeling Neoprene Booties, which allows even the most sedentary of fashionistas to look sporty and hottttt. Hilarious! Had to share. xo

Umm... Why So Hot?

Can we just take a second and talk about this/hate ourselves (oh, is that just me? hehe)... how is it possible to be this attractive? The outfit is flawless! Oh yeah and do you mind if I borrow some of the gloriousness that makes your lips look like that? Ok great thanks.

You go Rosie!

Best Of Ann Sacks

For one of our upcoming projects, we are selecting tiles for the flooring, bathrooms and kitchen of the home. If you are not familiar with Ann Sacks, you must surf the company's website because they have fabbbbbulous tiles, as well as fixtures. I was lucky enough to visit their NYC location a few months ago which was a lot of fun. They do have a location in Georgetown, which is near by, but the NYC location is bigger.

Anyway, they have a NEW collection launching next week that is really different and I know we will be using it for this project as soon as we can get our hands on some samples. It is the Haveli by Neisha Crosland collection and it was inspired by Native American weavings. It might sound kinda crazy, but it is stunning! Check out that collection and a few others below.

Haveli Collection - how fun are these tiles???

A few other samples from the collection... can't wait to see these in person

Paccha Collection... and yes, that is all tile, not rugs. Gorgeous!

Also available in red

A few other tiles from the Paccha collection

Medina Collection... ah I obsessed over anything Moroccan <3

More from the Medina collection 

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