Opinions Please - Daily Moisturizers

Ok - I need a day time moisturizer and trying to read online reviews gives me a headache. I have combo skin and particularly in the summer, I can't put a heavy moisturizer on under my tinted moisturizer or I will look like a shiny MESS. What does everyone with combo skin use? Also, has anyone used La Mer - regular cream or gel based? Is it worth the hype? Helppp please :)

Drooling - Alexander Wang Emile Tote

I am obsessed with my Alexander Wang Rocco and am currently dyyyyying over their Emile bag. I am eyeing the large size in ivory leather with rose gold accents (below). How fantastic is this bag? Ughhhh drooling. Check it out in another color here.

Wild Wednesday - The Devils In The Details

I think we can all agree that in good fashion and good design, it is the little details that can really knock a look out of the park. Details separate the pros and the newbies, as I have found the hard way from time to time! Details are the reason we gasp in lust when we see a pair of McQueen heels, or an outrageously detailed chandelier.

Honestly, I don't have the energy to be thorough enough to accessorize to a T every morning, but doesn't it make your day a little more fabulous when you do? Enjoy :)

A Surprise Wedding

Yesterday we were invited to my boyfriend's family's new farm for a memorial day of fun and just before cocktail hour was supposed to begin, the lovely bride to be came out in a fabulous white dress and McQueen sandals (yes, she is awesome) and announced that they were going to make their relationship official... then and there! They had a friend who was an ordained minister and the ceremony was short, sweet, genuine and perfect! It was so beautiful and I felt so lucky to be part of it. So... they are being featured today :) Congrats!

Gardens On The Property

Chillin' by the stream...

The boys reallyyy enjoyed the 4 runners

A prettier, more expensive toy :)

Yard games

Doggy heaven - exhausted after playing in the water all day

Arrangements on the table

Homemade marshmellows dipped in chocolate and covered in almonds - how cute is this?

My man and the little man :)



Congrats you crazy kids!

The bride's fam

if my blog was going to a dinner party...

It would look like this... raaaaarrr! xo

Dolce & Gabbana - Gold Restaurant

This isn't recent news... but it is still noteworthy due to its high level of fabulosity. In 2007, fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana opened Gold, a restaurant in Milan with gold clad interiors (not surprising due to the name) and an international menu. But really, with decor like this, who the hell cares about the food?! This is def a stop I will have to make on my future trip to Milan (no, it is not planned or financed, but it is happening).

Fabulous People - Sally Wheat

I am sure you guys have already seen a few of the images if you are on Pinterest, but I am totally obsessed with the work of Sally Wheat Interiors. AHHH.  The overall feel of the rooms is comfortable, but still timelessly trendy. Oh mah gahd. And these spaces are certainly not what I typically think of as southern interiors (she is based in Houston, TX). Anyway, enough talking... enjoy these gorgeous pics! And have a lovely holiday weekend :)
PS - Check out the rest of her portfolio here.

Haute Holiday

Do you have what you need to be supa dupa fly for Memorial Day weekend? I took tomorrow off so that I could have a 4 day weekend... sooooo I am quite excited. For those of you who have to work tomorrow, here are a few things to dream about which could make your holiday weekend a tad better :)

CC Skye Hinge Bracelet

I finally won a bidding war on Ebay tonight - go me! Hehe. Cute right?

Bathrooms I'd Love To Get Ready In...

I think I would look a little more fly if I got ready in these gorgeous bathrooms in the AM...

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