Jessica Simpson Wenda

Like I always do when my hubs goes out of town for work... I went to the mall tonight. I was in Nordstrom and was eyeing these Jessica Simpsons that I have been seeing online and likinggg but hadn't tried on yet. They didn't actually have my size, but seeing them in person pushed me over the edge into buying them. She may not know the difference between chicken and tuna but dayyyum can that shawty make some comfortable HIGH shoes. The soles are so squishy and glorious... I can't wait until these come!

I ordered them from Piperlime since Nordstrom didn't have them ANDDD they are on sale for $70 on Piperlime - always good. For those of you nautical gals, they also come in navy with white stitching, which is also super cute. Check em out here!
PS: Can we also talk about how the Salon Shoes/Womens Shoes section in Nordstrom are a total YAWN compared to BP Shoes??? I feel like I never say that but - go BP!


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Peak Rainey said...

Mhmmmmmmm girl they are big ol' heels and I am gonna rock these bad boys on the REG. They go with everything and if they are as comfy as I think they will be... then it will be a match made in shoe heavennnn.

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