A Surprise Wedding

Yesterday we were invited to my boyfriend's family's new farm for a memorial day of fun and just before cocktail hour was supposed to begin, the lovely bride to be came out in a fabulous white dress and McQueen sandals (yes, she is awesome) and announced that they were going to make their relationship official... then and there! They had a friend who was an ordained minister and the ceremony was short, sweet, genuine and perfect! It was so beautiful and I felt so lucky to be part of it. So... they are being featured today :) Congrats!

Gardens On The Property

Chillin' by the stream...

The boys reallyyy enjoyed the 4 runners

A prettier, more expensive toy :)

Yard games

Doggy heaven - exhausted after playing in the water all day

Arrangements on the table

Homemade marshmellows dipped in chocolate and covered in almonds - how cute is this?

My man and the little man :)



Congrats you crazy kids!

The bride's fam


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS:) Thanks! Let's give a shout out to the Crystal studded Panther Belt courtesy of Valentino... :)
xoxo, The Bride (aka, Mrs. Petersen)

Peak Rainey said...

HAHAH true how could I have missed such an important detail?? Supa dupa flyyyyyy :)

Anonymous said...

How awesome!



MairaAndDiana said...

Love your blog & great post!
Now following you, please follow back (:


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