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My homiieeeeeesss. I had a glorious time at the mall tonight. First of all, I found some great stuff and bought a fun graduation gift for my friend who just finished law school (woohoo!). I got a yummy vanilla latte from Nordstrom Cafe... also great. And THEN, on my way out of the mall, I passed the carousel and came upon something hilarious. You know how there are tea cups that spin around in circles as the carousel spins? Ok, well some lady bit off more than she could chew (no pun intended) when she decided to hop in the tea cup with her daughter, because she was on the verge of puking. Literally, she had her hand over her mouth and was swallowing repeatedly. I know it is so mean but it was seriously hysterical and I had to watch her go around a few times to make sure she was going to be ok. She was able to somehow hold it together. LOL oh my god. Too much.

Ok anyway... if you haven't been to H&M in a minute, which I had not, you must go because they have some really cute stuff in the store right now. I only got 2 things buttt I may have to go back this weekend.

Python print harem pants... but not TOO harem. Those scare me. I love these!

Umm how amaze is this necklace?? Clear plastic sides with a big old silver tone plate in the front. 

I don't know if this is TMI, but I kind of think there aren't many straight men reading this blog... but I got the new Victorias Secret Knockout Push Up and it is supa dupa cute. And very comfy. And a little leopard makes everything better :)

Ok, mid photoshoot Mr. Luca came in andddd discovered how a mirror works for the first time. Its the little things in life that entertain him... hilarious. Gladly I had my phone ready for documenting this break through. 

All of that new knowledge must have exhausted him... 

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Anonymous said...

DYING for those pants! My dog, Clark Kent, and I play a game in the mirror. I slowly go to grab him...scared him to death the first couple of times as he was just watching the reflection of my hand...but now he has it figured out! He knows if he sees my reflection coming after him to turn around and catch me before I get him! He loves it now and always tries to catch my eye in the mirror to play.



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