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One of the many things that I love about bloggers/interior designers is that they LOVE and appreciate the beauty of books. In particular, coffee table books. I don't ever think you will ever read on a blog - I am so excited about the new Kelly Wearstler book I just downloaded to my Kindle! :) Umm, no. We wanna show that bad boy off one our bookshelf or coffee table! Books are gorgeous and say a lot about the person who owns them. I have a decent collection of design books... so here are a few fashion focused books I am lusting after. Do you guys have any of these?

1. LV/Marc Jacobs $46 2. Christian Louboutin $94.50 3. YSL $44 
4. Jimmy Choo $47.25 5. Tom Ford $85 6. Louis Vuitton $54


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Anonymous said...

Love my books! I have half of these!


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