Fabulous People - Sally Wheat

I am sure you guys have already seen a few of the images if you are on Pinterest, but I am totally obsessed with the work of Sally Wheat Interiors. AHHH.  The overall feel of the rooms is comfortable, but still timelessly trendy. Oh mah gahd. And these spaces are certainly not what I typically think of as southern interiors (she is based in Houston, TX). Anyway, enough talking... enjoy these gorgeous pics! And have a lovely holiday weekend :)
PS - Check out the rest of her portfolio here.


Anonymous said...

Definitely fab! I wrote up a similar post before I went to India that's still sitting as a draft in blogger. Great minds think alike! We clearly have amazing taste! ;)



Peak Rainey said...

I feel like this happens to us often... I guess it is because we are both so awesome :) Love her stuff, do a post about it pleaseeeee! xoxo

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