Best Of March - What Did You Miss?

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Oh La Bali

Have you guys seen the feature that Elle Decor did on their trip to Bali? The article caught my eye because they describe how the jewelry designer for John Hardy spent years in Bali studying their culture and his designs became heavily influenced by the beauty around him. The article goes on to explain how unique Bali is and that it is a stunning location to detox and retox at the same time - a day at the spa followed by cocktails and snacks... I'm there! The truth is, I am dying to plan a tropical vacation for the year, so looking at gorgeous pics of Bali fulfilled that need temporarily :)


An open-air bedroom at Como Shambhala Estate.

A suite in one of Maisonbulle's villas - can I have some of those pots?

Alila Villas Soori resort.

Horn Emporium, a home and fashion shop near Seminyak.

Biasa ArtSpace.

Images via Elle Decor Travel Guide

Exciting Announcement!

I have some great ideas for you guys! Stop back this weekend :) Happy Friday!

Fabulous People - Dayka Robinson

I always enjoy looking at the work of other designers. I came across the portfolio of Atlanta based designer Dayka Robinson and thought her work was tons of fun. Hopefully she will add to her portfolio, because I would love to see more, but the pics below are the only ones I could find. I love her use of one color pop with other neutral colors. Enjoy!

Suzani Magic

As you may know, I have been exploring different furniture options for my apartment. Attempting to sell furniture or looking for new options. But sometimes, you just need a little something to spice up what you already have! I brought a suzani home from my office today to see how it would look on my wall and I decided to try putting it over the boring console table in my apartment that I am sick of... and I fell in love! It looks so great and really adds so much to this once bland space. What do you think? 
PS: The art I ordered will go above this table... pretty hot, right?

Wild Wednesdays - Prints For Daysss

Good evening my fabulous readers! Sorry for the delay... I have had a busy evening of the gym, letting my puppy run free in the woods, tacos and a little decor sprucing (next post!). For this Wild Wednesday, I wanted to share a funky trend that is very hard to master: mixing multiple prints. Every designer has a different rule of thumb when it comes to mixing a multitude of prints, be it fabric, rugs, wallpaper, flooring, etc. The principal designer at our firm has always loved textiles and is really good at balancing more than one print. While I am still learning from her, it seems like having different prints in similar scale is a large part of keeping them from overpowering each other. Ok - too much design talk? Lets get to the pics, shall we? What is your rule of thumb for print mixing?

To some, this room may be overwhelming. Honestly, I am not sure I could fall asleep in here. But! The designer did do (in my humble opinion) a fantastic job of keeping all prints in a similar scale so that they are not fighting with each other.

Gorgeous! Rug, napkins, runner and pillows are all different, but they make a damn good lookin' group.

Also a brave room, but it works out well. For me, I would change the bedding so it was not so matchy-matchy with the wallpaper, but for the most part this is a fabulous space.

How do you put two rugs next to each other that are totally different? It ain't easy... but keeping the color palette the same is a great place to start.  

Incoming Art

I needed some more females in the apartment with me... my bf and puppy Luca are presently the majority sex. But that will change soon. How gorgeous are my new friends? I will just have to find a perfect place for them on the wall...

Chain Mail

I have been considering using my tax return for this and that... and then tonight I realized I do not have an appropriate purse to bring to a soiree. Sure, I have plenty of lovely purses, but no smaller scale cross body bags. So the searching has begun...

LV - $1,140

LV - $650

Kate Spade - $448

Rebecca Minkoff - $330

Rebecca Minkoff - $295

Tory Burch - $395

Elaine Turner - $295

To be honest... this is the bag that I really want the most. Of course, it is the most expensive (how does that always happen to me??). But, it is McQueen and it is fantastic. Definitely an investment piece I could convince myself to save for.
Alexander McQueen - $1,395

Missoni Land... Not Kidding.

If you thought being in Target during the release of their Missoni collab was a zig zag wonderland, wait until you see the first residential building with an interior designed by Missoni Home. Wowza! Acqua Livingstone, a 52-story project, will be opened in the Philippines in 2015. All of the main areas of the building are Missonied out (yeah, I just made up a word), and condos can be decorated as well for a hefty design fee. One bedrooms start at $82,000. Yepppp hope you don't need too much space! Anyway, I have to admit it looks pretty awesome. Do you like?

Images via Acqua Livingstone

H&M Score

Clearly I am really into the floral trend right now... and I just had to go to the mall to get a few links taken out of my watch band and popped into H&M while I waited (obviously). I came across this amazing knee length skirt, which I will wear at waist height, and I had the perfect shoes in mind. How fab is this collaboration??


I was just looking through High Gloss Magazine and came across this custom made desk, upholstered in faux snake skin with nailhead detailing. I think I died and went to heaven. Ah!

Exotic Digs

In the new Elle Decor, a home in Marrakech is featured. It is so nice to see homes in different countries because the architecture, decor and general flavor of the house is so different from what we are accustomed to on a daily basis. Did anyone else see this house this month? What did you think?

PS: Loving the outdoor space and pool, but can we get some day beds and lounge chairs out there? Come on y'all.

Images via Elle Decor

Comedy At Forever 21

So last week when I was at Forever 21, I was just power shopping through all of the racks and racks of clothes.. you know how it is in that crazy place. Anyway, this girl and her boyfriend/brother/male shopping assistant (who knows) were looking at a rack near by and I heard her say something to the effect of: look at this dress, this is a white girl dress! And put it back down. I just looked over to see what she was talking about... and it was so cute! LOL. I secretly grabbed my size and added it to my try on pile. And it ended up coming home with me. So, not sure what a "white girl" dress looks like... is it the floral pattern? The ruffle? I don't know but I love it! HAHA. What do you guys think?

Cute, right?

The ruffle wraps all the way around the dress... don't you hate when it is only on the front?

Custom Pradas? Why Of Course!

Have you guys seen the new Prada heels and sandals with the flames? They are so fantastic. I follow my girl RiRi on Twitter and it looks like she got a pair custom made for her... why not! LOL. They are pretty amazing so I had to share them. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! The weather is kinda dreary here so I went to the gym, spa, mall and maybe movies later to see Hunger Games. xoxo

From Rihanna's Instagram account... pretty fierce, right?

Shot from the back of the shoe... and an "R" on the sole so everyone knows they are just for RiRi - lucky biatch!

To: Rihanna
Love: Prada

Oh and if you didn't hate her enough for getting custom Pradas, she is also flawless without photoshop. Simply stunning!

Here are a few other colors/versions from the runway.

Fabulous People - Madeline Weinrib

Can you believe Madeline Weinrib's collection debuted at ABC in New York only 8 years ago?? Her company has had such great success that it surprises me that showroom opened only 8 years ago. Anyway, Weinrib was featured in Elle Decor this month because she just opened a studio/showroom on Fifth Avenue. As to be expected, the second floor loft-turned-fab-studio is so gorgeous; the washed wood floors and white walls let the fabrics and rugs do the talking... and honey, they talk! My boss and I are visiting this new spot in April and I am so excited! I will def share my pictures when that time comes. Enjoy and happy Friday!

Ms. Weinrib and her puppies. 

Can we talk about these chairs? Incredible! The table is pretty fantastic too. 

Rugs, pillows, fabrics, drapery... heaven on earth! 

"Her contemporary riffs of traditional ethnic motifs quickly became a cult favorite with decorators and fashionistas." 

Yep... I'll take it all. 
Images via Elle Decor
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