Wish List - Don't Make Fun Of Me.

I KNOWWW this has been a weekend of stuff I want. But more for my own sanity... I am trying to narrow it down to a list of things that I need to live. Do I need any of these to literally live? No. Are there starving children in the world? Yessss I know. But lets just say in my perfect little world of responsible spending, these are a few things that I will own in the near future. Here it goes...

I currently have the small amount of cosmetics that I keep in my purse from day to day in a plastic bag. That is unacceptable and I kind of seem homeless. I know there are cheaper cosmetic bags out there but I still have my heart set on this one. Damnit.
Louis Vuitton $330

As I mentioned earlier this week, my bf just got Spicebomb which smells amazing and we went to the mall today to smell Flowerbomb because he is now obsessed. It smells so good! Must add it to my collection.
Overstock $109

This is way overdue. The brown leather band on my gold deco is looking ROUGH to say the least. This retails for $600, which I think is kind of crazy,  but I found it on Ebay (don't worry, it is authentic) for $180!

Also an update from a previous post, I tried on the two-tone sunglasses today and didn't love the shape. But I did love the shape of these. They are so fantastic and lets be honest, I need some leopard sunglasses - who doesn't?? I found them online for a gooood price too. (None of you savvy gals buy sunglasses in the store, right? I certainly hope not because they are WAY cheaper online.. just make sure the website is legit).
Smart Buy Glasses $176

Perfect for touch-ups during the day.
Nordstrom $45

The new Chanel foundation I just got this week only has an SPF of 10, which ain't cuttin' it. I have been dying to try a primer that also has a high SPF, so I want to get this one by Mac. I will let everyone know how it is, as everybody probably needs something like this. If you use a primer + SPF that you like, please let me know!
Nordstrom $30


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya! I really want a nice cosmetic bag for my purse. I sure wouldn't turn down that LV one!



Peak Rainey said...

Hells yeah girl I wouldn't either! There are plenty of others that would hold my lipstick and eye liner just fine but... the LV is just so much more fabulous. :)

xo J and V said...

Looks like necessities to me;)

Peak Rainey said...

LOL I totally agree... thank you for supporting my shopping needs :)

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