Custom Pradas? Why Of Course!

Have you guys seen the new Prada heels and sandals with the flames? They are so fantastic. I follow my girl RiRi on Twitter and it looks like she got a pair custom made for her... why not! LOL. They are pretty amazing so I had to share them. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! The weather is kinda dreary here so I went to the gym, spa, mall and maybe movies later to see Hunger Games. xoxo

From Rihanna's Instagram account... pretty fierce, right?

Shot from the back of the shoe... and an "R" on the sole so everyone knows they are just for RiRi - lucky biatch!

To: Rihanna
Love: Prada

Oh and if you didn't hate her enough for getting custom Pradas, she is also flawless without photoshop. Simply stunning!

Here are a few other colors/versions from the runway.

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