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Good evening my fabulous readers! Sorry for the delay... I have had a busy evening of the gym, letting my puppy run free in the woods, tacos and a little decor sprucing (next post!). For this Wild Wednesday, I wanted to share a funky trend that is very hard to master: mixing multiple prints. Every designer has a different rule of thumb when it comes to mixing a multitude of prints, be it fabric, rugs, wallpaper, flooring, etc. The principal designer at our firm has always loved textiles and is really good at balancing more than one print. While I am still learning from her, it seems like having different prints in similar scale is a large part of keeping them from overpowering each other. Ok - too much design talk? Lets get to the pics, shall we? What is your rule of thumb for print mixing?

To some, this room may be overwhelming. Honestly, I am not sure I could fall asleep in here. But! The designer did do (in my humble opinion) a fantastic job of keeping all prints in a similar scale so that they are not fighting with each other.

Gorgeous! Rug, napkins, runner and pillows are all different, but they make a damn good lookin' group.

Also a brave room, but it works out well. For me, I would change the bedding so it was not so matchy-matchy with the wallpaper, but for the most part this is a fabulous space.

How do you put two rugs next to each other that are totally different? It ain't easy... but keeping the color palette the same is a great place to start.  

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