Chain Mail

I have been considering using my tax return for this and that... and then tonight I realized I do not have an appropriate purse to bring to a soiree. Sure, I have plenty of lovely purses, but no smaller scale cross body bags. So the searching has begun...

LV - $1,140

LV - $650

Kate Spade - $448

Rebecca Minkoff - $330

Rebecca Minkoff - $295

Tory Burch - $395

Elaine Turner - $295

To be honest... this is the bag that I really want the most. Of course, it is the most expensive (how does that always happen to me??). But, it is McQueen and it is fantastic. Definitely an investment piece I could convince myself to save for.
Alexander McQueen - $1,395


Anonymous said...

All fab picks, but I'm with ya...I'm a McQueen girl all the way! Tell us what you pick!


Peak Rainey said...

The Mcqueen is only 8"w x and 6"h.. do you think that is too small? I mean it is a clutch so its not like it would be huge. What do you think?

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