Lunch Time Post: Opinions Please!

Hello my dahlings - last night I was looking for some options for the much needed dining area in my apartment. I don't know why I am so torn but... I am. Can you guys give me some feedback on what you like best? The area is one large room that also has my living room area; I included a little collage of some items I have in that space so you can get an idea of the color scheme and style.
PS: Later tonight I will add links so you know where I found the items in each of the options - I just don't want to spend too much time on it at work :)

 Here is what I have currently in my living room. The black fabric is my drapery... it is not exact but I could not find what I actually have online! Ok so keep that in mind... one of the options below would be on the other side of the room from this stuff.
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Anonymous said...

That is a toughie, but I think I like Number One the best. I do love the ikat fabric in the second one too. You'll have to post pics of your abode! Maybe a before and after of this room. I bet your place is stunning!


Peak Rainey said...

I am leaning towards number one too! I love those ikat chairs, I think the thing that bugs me about them is I had all this gold, red, black/brown going on, and I don't love the grey mixed in there. I know it would be fine but you know, details details! I will def show before and after! :) Thanks mamasita.

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