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In the newest issue of Lonny, designer Amanda Nisbet is interviewed and it is my favorite article in the online mag. She gives readers a tour of her Upper East Side office and gives some advice to up and coming designers (but really, her advice is so good it can be applied to more than one profession). She is a self taught, successful designer, so I soak up every tip she has to offer! I hope you guys enjoy this too.

Embrace your strengths: Many people believe that unless something feels difficult, it isn't worthy of praise or reward.  But Nisbet always enjoyed designing her own and friend's apartments, which steered her towards her present career. Just because a skill comes naturally doesn't mean the success you receive from it is unearned. 

Take your work seriously, not your ego: Nisbet decorated her design office in bright colors and keeps old school barbie pictures on the wall. Some people mistake the lighthearted atmosphere of the office as an office that lacks seriousness. But Nisbet is very serious about her work, she just isn't serious about her ego. Keeping a creative atmosphere is more important to her than what other people will think of the decor. 

Don't fear criticism: We all fear hearing negative feedback about our work, but Nisbet has found that she has profited more from criticism than from compliments. As someone who loves a challenge, Nisbet is glad for the nay sayers who said she would never make it in the business because they just made her work harder.

Your true calling might not be your first career choice: You have to know what you don't want to do to know what you do want to do. Originally, Nisbet wanted to be an actress but that didn't work out, which left her feeling lost. After that experience, she got into design and found her true calling. Even when you feel like you are drifting, life can actually be steering you toward your greatest adventure. 

Stay open: Nisbet admires Bunny Williams because she has been able to stay true to herself despite all her success and experiences. Staying true to yourself is difficult - keeping your antennae up and evolving; being aware of change without blindly following trends. Remember to stay open to what is going on around you because the more you know, the more you are able to express yourself. 


J and V said...

I loved this article in Lonny! Such great advice! Her rooms are amazing-Great post!

Peak Rainey said...

I thought it was really good advice too... I love when they have good interviews like that.. Lonny is da bombbbbbb.

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