Space Of The Day - Fur Fabulous

Can you even stand this bedroom?! The fuzzy chandelier is def scaring me but the bed and console at the end of it is to die for. What a fabuloussss idea. Ok busy busy day have a good one!

Space Of The Day - Brass Sass

Hi loves -

How is the week? I am fighting off a cold because I am in Mexico next week for Thanksgiving and need to be in top beach condition! Whatever that means... I just need to well enough to start drinking margaritas by 3pm.

Anyway... wanted to share this amazingggg room. Can you even stand this chandelier? Dyinggg!

Enjoy and chat soon xx

Space Of The Day: Leopard + Navy

I mean really, is anyone surprised? This leopard bedding is to dieee! However.. I am quite disturbed by the random wall sconce floating half way behind the bed's drapery/valance. WTF is that y'all???

The rest of the room is so fab that we can look past it, right? :)

Happy Thursday xo

Kate & Rih In Vouge

I swear this will be the last Rihanna-related post this week... how delicious is this shoot of my wifey and Kate Moss in Vouge??? Dyinggg!

Goodnight xx

Rihanna & Adele Inspired Pointed Nails

For a while I have been a little scared of the pointed nail trend; it looked really fun but I wasn't sure how practical it would be. But I decided I was ready for a change! So... pointed it is. I should have taken before/during/after pictures while I did my nails because its actually hard to find tutorials online, but its pretty simple:

1. Starting with a squared nail, take nail clippers and clip each side of the nail.
2. Depending on how much point you want, use a nail file to buff the edges.
3. Buff nails, apply color and enjoyyyy!

At first I didn't do them pointy enough, and they kind of just look sloppy. I think if you are going to do it, you have to go for it. Be patient when you file though because if you rush, you can file off too MUCH nail which you don't want to do.

My initial attempt... not quite enough point. Plus my nails are kinda short because a lot of them have broken lately...

Much better, right?


Queen of cray cray nails: Ms. Perry.
You all know who this is... can we talk about her bling? Jesussss. 


And obviously... my wifey. The most gorgeous woman alivvvvvve. Love her nails. 

Drool Worthy Dinnerwear

Hola lovely readers. I have finally convinced my better half that we need a dining table and chairs in our apartment... afterall, we are adults and can't continue to serve dinner to friends at the coffee table (ghetto). Obviously, this also opens the flood gates for all of the amazingly fabulous dinnerwear that is out in the world. Check out some of my faves below... ohhhh the possibilities.

C. Wonder - $10-$14
Lauren Ralph Lauren - $15-$120

West Elm - $44-$56

Diane Von Furstenberg - $18-$70

Anthropologie - $14-$20

Diane Von Furstenberg - $25

Kelly Wearstler - $25-$175

Slither On In

Good Morning loves. I just started watching Dexter - like, from season 1 - and I am totally obsessed and have been staying up way too late at night watching episodes... so I am sleepy today. I hope everyone had a fabulous halloween.. I was a boring person and didn't dress up. Obviously I dressed up my dog though and completely traumatized him.

Check out this amazing entry.. the table, python print bench, light fixture, rug - amazingggggg.


Black White & Gold

Let me start by saying I am totally devastated by the date of my last post! I know the rule is to not mention it if you haven't posted in a while.. but over a month is a WHITE. I have been so freaking busy at work and in life, and my blog has been put on the back burner. Until thing quiet down, I am going to start with posting fabulous "rooms of the day" that blow my mind and need to be shared. I promise I will not disappear for so long! I love you all very much and need to get back to social media socializing :)

How fantastic is this room? I love the monotone palette but more than that, I am loving the doors that divide the two rooms. How amazing are they? A little detail that makes a big difference.. I want a house! LOL.

Hope everyone survived Hurricane Sandy and my thoughts go out to everyone in NYC.. eeee hang in there! xo

Burberry - 121 Regent Collection

Fall is probablyyyy my favorite time of year. For many reasons - the gorgeous weather, football games, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I had two today... with skim milk so I guess its ok? Probably not..), but most importantly - fall fashion. I don't know what it is but the transition from summer clothes to chunky sweaters, boots, infinity scarves and better looking hair makes me SO happy inside!!! I love starting fresh and adding a few new pieces to my closet at this time of year.

Another thing that makes me really happy? Burberry. And somehow (well.. not somehow, they ARE Burberry) their 121 Regent Street Collection manages to embody nearly every new and now trend this season. See for yourself below... can I have all of these jackets please? Gooooood lord. Check it out here.

 Trend 1: Feathers, Anyone?
Trend 2: The Classic Leather Moto - In A Trench. Pretty Fabulous.

 Trend 3: Satin & Feathers
Trend 4: Fur Trimmed Trench. 
Trend 5: Fur & Embellishments - What More Could You Ask For?
Trend 6: Two-Tone Trench - Leather + Fabric = Gorgeousness.
 Trend 7: Metallic Python.. Obviously.
Trend 8: Studs, Studs And More Studs. 

Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama

Good eveninggg my dahlings. How was everyone's weekend? I literally didn't do anything and it was really wonderful! Has anyone seen the lookbook for Louis Vuitton's fall 2012 collaboration with the eclectic Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama? It is pretty wild and very different from LV's classic style but definitely a fun departure. A range of handbags, wallets, shoes and accessories are adorned with varying patterns of dots to create a fun look. I am not a polkadot girl, but I do love the dotted pattern shown in the trench and Speedy below. What do you guys think... are any of these must-have pieces or not for you?

Obsessed! Also comes in yellow, blue, green and white. $1,220

Waves Oversized Flower. $610

NYC Store Front... pretty badass <3

Hello dots. 

83 Year Old Designer Yayoi Kusama - If anyone needed some halloween decor inspiration...
that pumpkin is kind of awesome.

Currently Coveting...

Hi y'all. I had a longgg crazy weekend. What could be better than a little retail therapy? Here are a few of my favorite thangs at the moment. Are any of these on YOUR list? 

1. $78 2. $180 3. $120 4. $58

1. $189 2. $159 3. $159

1. $495 2. $15 3. $188 4. $300 5. $225

Bahamas Tomorrow

Not trying to make you guys super jealous.. but I am going to the Bahamas for a long weekend tomorrow morning. I mean really, no one should be jealous because this is my first SMALL vaca this year. Most everyone has already done something fab this summer. Anyway... I am quite excited. Is anyone else sneaking away before fall? xx

Attempting to pack... only three days but you know I gotta stay flyyyy...
Can you spot the sleeping puppy?

Am I crazy to wear comfortable platform heels at the airport if I have to carry two big bags? I can't fit the shoes in my bag but want to bring them.. hmm. 

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