Rihanna & Adele Inspired Pointed Nails

For a while I have been a little scared of the pointed nail trend; it looked really fun but I wasn't sure how practical it would be. But I decided I was ready for a change! So... pointed it is. I should have taken before/during/after pictures while I did my nails because its actually hard to find tutorials online, but its pretty simple:

1. Starting with a squared nail, take nail clippers and clip each side of the nail.
2. Depending on how much point you want, use a nail file to buff the edges.
3. Buff nails, apply color and enjoyyyy!

At first I didn't do them pointy enough, and they kind of just look sloppy. I think if you are going to do it, you have to go for it. Be patient when you file though because if you rush, you can file off too MUCH nail which you don't want to do.

My initial attempt... not quite enough point. Plus my nails are kinda short because a lot of them have broken lately...

Much better, right?


Queen of cray cray nails: Ms. Perry.
You all know who this is... can we talk about her bling? Jesussss. 


And obviously... my wifey. The most gorgeous woman alivvvvvve. Love her nails. 

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