Can We Talk About This?

Is it wrong to say that divorce does a body good? Heidi Klum looked flawless at Elton John's party this weekend. Its kind of absurd how good she looks. You go girl!


Ok y'all. I found some good stuff. I mentioned in my belt post that I would show you guys the belt with a few outfits. I also lucked out on some skirts tonight at the mall so I thought it would be a perfect time to share! Please don't judge me for the bootleg pics... I am home alone tonight as the bf is at a work event all evening soooo I don't have a photographer. Also, please don't judge my hair; it was pouring outside when I went to the mall so it got a little f'ed up. 

Anyway, how cute are these skirts?! And how good does the belt look? I am super pumped and have to share! 
Top: H&M
Belt: Celeb Boutique

Top: Forever21 (not available online any more)
Skirt: Forever21 (not exact but close)

How awesome are these kicks? They are Rock & Republic 

Top: From Nordstrom 6 months ago... whatevs.
Skirt: H&M

Wild Wednesdays: Insane Custom Closets

My lovely boss is building a home with her husband. Among the other totally awesome things about building a home from the ground up, we get to take on the glorious task of creating an amazing custom closet for all her fabulous things! So I have been doing the most fun kind of research: closet research :) Here are a few of my favorites...

Kourney K's Closet

Kim K's Closet

Love the studs...

Wow... no words.

Kimora <3333333 Fabulosity!
Khloe K's Closet

Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo... I am jealous.

Rococo Chair Make Over

Good Afternooooon lovies. My mother has been kind enough to let me have/make over a Rococo chair she has so that it is better suited for my apartment :) Love you mommaaaaaa!

Anyway, I am still trying to decide what fabric I want to use, and if I should paint/refinish the wood or not. At first I was learning towards this crazy bright ikat fabric, which I love, but I am afraid that in a few years ikat will be a little tired and I won't have the timeless chair I wanted. So, crazy as it sounds, I think I may do a leopard skin fabric. You may be thinking... leopard print? Timeless? 

But I am not going to do a cheesy Paris-Hilton's-panties-leopard; I have a few really nice neutral options that could be really nice - and won't make my boyfriend feel like less of a man.
Check out a few of my options below. Opinions? 

Choices choices choices....

Here is the chair... pre make over. 

Side shot

Here is the ikat I chose first... the repeat is actually really big so there would basically be one and a half centered on the back and seat of the chair.

Nice neutral linen leopard... (not pictured above because I am still waiting for the sample!)

Same fabric, different color way; also very nice

A neutral ikat could also look good

Gorgeous tonal linen leopard print

Ikat fabric would be fun though, right?! I found this image online while looking for ideas.

Love the ikat dot fabric..

hehe. fun. 

Pony hair and skulls - crazy! 

Home Gooooooods I Love You

Home Goods is having an African/Moroccan decor moment and I am so happy about it! I literally have a Home Goods next to my apartment... which is quite dangerous. Look at some of the cute stuff they had in the store. I should have taken more pics but people started giving me the stink eye soooo.
If you guys like the baskets, you can find similar ones which are close in price here.

Large woven African basket - $59

How fab are these Moroccan boxes? $39 for the smaller on top, $49 for the larger on bottom. Amaze!

This is what I bought today... a large African basket with leather handle for my fruit/chips/etc. Its perfect! And was $25 :)

Gold Metal Waist Belt - Found!

Good Morning! I just wanted to do a quick post because it might help a few people. Anyone who is looking for the top accessories this spring/is on Pinterest has most likely seen some version of the gold metal waist belt below. I have also been searching for one - which I found and purchased last night! However, on my search, I came across a lot of bloggers who said they were also looking desperately for this belt (at a reasonable price) but could not find it. So, I wanted to share where I got mine from and hopefully help some crazed shoppers! 

Love this image I found on Pinterest... super womannnnn!

Looks chic on the red carpet paired with a gown... not that I am going to be on the red carpet any time soon :)

Gold belt + high-low dress = perfection

I am totally obsessed with this outfit, head to toe. This is the pic that really made me want the belt! 

Here is the belt - $63 at Celeb Boutique. As you can see, it is 50% off when purchased with a dress, which is super cheap! The dresses are almost all at least $200, so you won't exactly save money... but a great deal either way. The belt is composed of black leather with the metal front. One size available as it is adjustable. I can't wait until it gets here; I will be sure to show a pic of one of the outfits I pair it with... excited! ;)

My Latest Obsession: Esther Boutique

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a more advanced online shopping problem than ever before! But... I am not complaining. This week someone posted a dress from an Australian website called Esther Boutique, have you heard of it? The clothes are very European-looking; they remind me of the fashion I saw in Copenhagen. The only bad news for those of us in the US is that shipping is $30 since the clothes are coming from Australia, but the extra cost will be totally worth it. Well - at least I think so! I can rationalize anything if it is fabulous enough. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

Oh PS - Unfortunately, none of the great accessories shown with the clothing are sold on the website... I was totally bummed to find that out. Just letting you know so you don't spend time searching for them like I did. Enjoy!
Because Of Me Cocktail Dress - $89
Buy Here.

Louise Stripe Skirt - $59
Buy Here.

So This Is Love Crop Jacket - $79
Buy Here.

Romance Cocktail - $89
Buy Here.

Blush Chiffon Gown - $119
Buy Here.

Bonnie Lace Shorts - $69
Buy Here.

Tutu Cocktail - $89 (This was what I saw on Pinterest and want really badlyyyy)
Buy Here.

Portland Knit Cape - $55
Buy Here.

Desert Song Cocktail - $89
Buy Here.

Double Dipping

Double dipping is usually a bad, yucky thing... except in the case of fashion designers also designing home decor items! There are many worth mentioning, but I only included a few: DVF bedding and dinnerware, Kate Spade dinnerware and Versace pillows/furniture/dinnerware. Pretty fantastic right?

Images via Versace Home

Images via Saks

Kate Spade
Images via Kate Spade

Images via DVF

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