Gold Metal Waist Belt - Found!

Good Morning! I just wanted to do a quick post because it might help a few people. Anyone who is looking for the top accessories this spring/is on Pinterest has most likely seen some version of the gold metal waist belt below. I have also been searching for one - which I found and purchased last night! However, on my search, I came across a lot of bloggers who said they were also looking desperately for this belt (at a reasonable price) but could not find it. So, I wanted to share where I got mine from and hopefully help some crazed shoppers! 

Love this image I found on Pinterest... super womannnnn!

Looks chic on the red carpet paired with a gown... not that I am going to be on the red carpet any time soon :)

Gold belt + high-low dress = perfection

I am totally obsessed with this outfit, head to toe. This is the pic that really made me want the belt! 

Here is the belt - $63 at Celeb Boutique. As you can see, it is 50% off when purchased with a dress, which is super cheap! The dresses are almost all at least $200, so you won't exactly save money... but a great deal either way. The belt is composed of black leather with the metal front. One size available as it is adjustable. I can't wait until it gets here; I will be sure to show a pic of one of the outfits I pair it with... excited! ;)

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