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Ok, I have to get back to my normal posts next week but have a few more beautifullll pics to share. We visited so many great stores... it was glorious.

This was a fantastic console in Interieurs that was made from a draped metal mesh and was stunning. See the full specs here.

Fun sconce in Interieurs... they had a few pieces with the industrial, mesh look that were unique and fabulous

Great pendant and beautiful wood dining table

I thought this was pretty creative... this antique company had different sized nails in glass jars on display. It might sound weird, but it looked cool!

Antique rug hanging from the ceiling... love that blue.

They had beautiful antique pots on this old reclaimed oak table 

Stainless steel feet and fuzzy seat - love it!

I hope no turtles were harmed in the creation of this collection... maybe they are fake? I hope so because it looked pretty awesome.

Handsome desk in Aro, Thomas O'Brien's store

I had to take a picture of these big rock balls... LOL ok I'll stop right there. Fun look though, right?

Now THAT is a chandelier :) Very pretty.

This was a great Moroccan antique store... they had beautiful textiles.

Large bone chandelier - wild!

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Deborah said...

I don't know what I like more - the Interieurs stuff or the big rock balls!

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