Rococo Chair Make Over

Good Afternooooon lovies. My mother has been kind enough to let me have/make over a Rococo chair she has so that it is better suited for my apartment :) Love you mommaaaaaa!

Anyway, I am still trying to decide what fabric I want to use, and if I should paint/refinish the wood or not. At first I was learning towards this crazy bright ikat fabric, which I love, but I am afraid that in a few years ikat will be a little tired and I won't have the timeless chair I wanted. So, crazy as it sounds, I think I may do a leopard skin fabric. You may be thinking... leopard print? Timeless? 

But I am not going to do a cheesy Paris-Hilton's-panties-leopard; I have a few really nice neutral options that could be really nice - and won't make my boyfriend feel like less of a man.
Check out a few of my options below. Opinions? 

Choices choices choices....

Here is the chair... pre make over. 

Side shot

Here is the ikat I chose first... the repeat is actually really big so there would basically be one and a half centered on the back and seat of the chair.

Nice neutral linen leopard... (not pictured above because I am still waiting for the sample!)

Same fabric, different color way; also very nice

A neutral ikat could also look good

Gorgeous tonal linen leopard print

Ikat fabric would be fun though, right?! I found this image online while looking for ideas.

Love the ikat dot fabric..

hehe. fun. 

Pony hair and skulls - crazy! 


Alex Aleshin-Guendel said...

Awesome chair! I like the fabric in the top left of your first picture the best. I think the chair would look great painted black with that fabric!

Peak Rainey said...

Thats exactly what i was thinking!!! I am going to make a decision once I get the memo of that same fabric in the neutral print. But yeah, that with black paint would be sooooo fabulous. I also think it will be the most durable as the coloring would hide any stains. I will def post a pic of the final product :) Thanks for your input!

Anonymous said...

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