I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and have been meaning to go get magnetic tape and finally did tonight so I wanted to show you guys. Now I can see all of my glorious colors in a neat and efficient way! So pumped. What do you guys think?
PS - do you like my spikey new Noir rings?
Goodnight :)


Alex Aleshin-Guendel said...

love the rings and your makeup organization is awesome, pinterest is the BEST!

Peak Rainey said...

Thanks! I love my rings too :) I should actually do an update because I took all my makeup down this morning :( The magnetic tape is not strong enough to hold up all of it... while i was sleeping 2 of my eye shadow pods fell off and broke so I don't want to risk losing any more. Have you seen any better ways to do this on Pinterest? I am going to keep researching... wah.

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