Fabulous Furniture

Here are a few of my photos from my trip to Hickory, North Carolina earlier this week. How fantastic are these pieces?

Gorgeous embroidered fabric

Fun upholstered dining chairs

Classic leather wing chair

Love this glam waredrobe

Tallll back... can you see the feet? :)

How cute would this be as a little drink cart in a condo?

My dream bed... love the herringbone detail

I like the placement of this art on the wall - don't mind the messed up pillows on the sofa :)


Lucija said...

I think you have a great vision here on your blog. Keep up the good work, I'll be coming over!! xx


Peak Rainey said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it... I started my blog a few months ago so I love to get feedback. I am glad you commented, because I was able to check out your blog and it is fantastic! :) Love those leather pants!

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