Lunch Time Post: Fun In The Big City

I know I have posted all decor/design pics so far, so here are a few of my randoms... it was a great trip!

I was able to snap a quick pic of this insane Alexander McQueen dress before the security guards in the store yelled at me for taking pics... oops :)

I just loved everything about this... the wood floor, luxe fur rug, antique mirror table, books.. perfection!

We stopped in the Alexis Bittar store and I am now officially obsessed. All of the sales girls had stacks of Bittar bangles on and they totally got me - now I need them in my life.

I took a pic of this Louboutin window at Bergdorf during the day so the reflection takes away from it a bit, but you can still see the fabulousness inside. 

We stayed at the Plaza and had drinks at their Champagne Bar before going to see Book Of Mormon and have dinner (yes, in case you were wondering, I have the best boss on earth).

Heyyyyy girl. 

Us! Not the best pic on earth but hey, bartenders don't specialize in photography, they specialize in bellinis! By the way, it was literally the best bellini I have ever had. 

Waiting for Book Of Mornmon to start - it was HYSTERICAL. Although the 80 year old couple in front of us didn't think so... maybe they thought it was a play celebrating the glories of being Mormon? Ah well.

The Plaza has an Assouline store upstairs and they have all kinds of wonderful books - this was a set of 3 Chanel books that would be great for a coffee table or shelf. 

Louis Vuitton - Icons? Yes, my home needs this. 

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