Goshhh I Wish I Had A Dining Table...

I have a slight obsession with Kelly Wearstler's tabletop collection. Her table settings are so unique and creative... the best part is that you could mix and match any of her collections and they would all look awesome together - now that is a gift (a design-talent gift... but they would also makes fantastic gifts hehe)!

Unfortunately, it would cost thousands of dollars for me to purchase a complete table setting - you will see why when you see how much each plate costs :). This is not to say that I will never have these glorious plates, bowls and tea cups in my possession! But certainly not now :) I kind of don't even have a dining table in my apartment LOL.

But that is neither here nor there! I have a bunch of great pictures of Ms. Wearstler's ultra fab table top collection, as well as a few more reasonably priced pieces that look quite similar and may be in my life sooner.

Happy Friday!

The Pickfair Dinner Collection is my all time favorite... there is no way to find anything similar to this style... it is just stunning! Ah I can't handle it, let's keep going before I get too sad that I don't own these...

The Mulholland Dinner Collection is also really really glorious. Can you imagine hanging these plates on the wall also? Dreamyyyy.

Plates in action! They look fantastic all together.

"Can you pass my an orange? Mmmmm maybe in ten minutes I am too busy staring at these glorious place setting in front of me..."

If you are interested, you can purchase the collection here!

Back to reality! West Elm plates... but hey, not bad right? They remind me very much of the KW collections. Oh yeah - the prices are SLIGHTLY better ;)

If you are interested, you can purchase the collection here!
AH! One more beautiful pictures of my favorite plates on earth... so wonderful! 

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