My Latest Obsession: Esther Boutique

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a more advanced online shopping problem than ever before! But... I am not complaining. This week someone posted a dress from an Australian website called Esther Boutique, have you heard of it? The clothes are very European-looking; they remind me of the fashion I saw in Copenhagen. The only bad news for those of us in the US is that shipping is $30 since the clothes are coming from Australia, but the extra cost will be totally worth it. Well - at least I think so! I can rationalize anything if it is fabulous enough. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

Oh PS - Unfortunately, none of the great accessories shown with the clothing are sold on the website... I was totally bummed to find that out. Just letting you know so you don't spend time searching for them like I did. Enjoy!
Because Of Me Cocktail Dress - $89
Buy Here.

Louise Stripe Skirt - $59
Buy Here.

So This Is Love Crop Jacket - $79
Buy Here.

Romance Cocktail - $89
Buy Here.

Blush Chiffon Gown - $119
Buy Here.

Bonnie Lace Shorts - $69
Buy Here.

Tutu Cocktail - $89 (This was what I saw on Pinterest and want really badlyyyy)
Buy Here.

Portland Knit Cape - $55
Buy Here.

Desert Song Cocktail - $89
Buy Here.


Alex Aleshin-Guendel said...

Um, I love all of these outfits, going to have to check out that site, thanks!

Peak Rainey said...

I know! $30 for shipping is a little painful but their stuff is so unique that you kinda have to do it... I need to order the tutu cocktail dress immediately.

Sarah Swalboski said...

I love Esther Boutique! I only recently discovered it this past month! I love shopping in small boutiques, but all the boutiques in the U.S. have horrible online websites, such as Bobbles & Lace.

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