My Weekend...

Its snowing here in Baltimore, which is strange because it was 70 degrees earlier this week - but I am not complaining! I love snow. I did stuff around the apartment all day, went to the gym, escorted by bf to the salon to get his haircut, nothing exciting. Oh - speaking of the salon, kind of - I was reading the most recent Women's Health mag and they had some really awesome tips for keeping your skin hydrated in the winter. I was a good citizen and didn't take the magazine home with me, so once I pick one up at the store, I am going to try some of their suggestions and let you guys know how it goes.

Anyway... its going to be a lazy night since I'm not really into driving my Mini around in the snow. Have a lovely weekend and for you Pats/Giants fans, enjoy the game tomorrow!

Can you see the snow falling? Its kinda hard to see from this pic...

I'm not sure Luca was crazy about getting all of these hugs but thats what he gets for putting himself to bed at 6pm.

Snow time = sleepy time

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