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Hey y'all. I had a mayjaaa score at the mall today that I just had to share! If you read my blog pretty regularly, you may know that I have been on the search for some python... stuff. Blazers, jeans, shoes, whatevs. When I was at the Bergdorf in NYC a few weeks ago, I tried on a pair of Hudson Nico Skinnies in a snake print that were so cute. They have a price tag of $180, which in the scheme of jeans isn't all that much, but it was enough that I told myself I would look around and if I didn't find a cheaper version, I would just order them off of Bergdorf's website.

Low and behold... I brought my little self into Guess today and got so lucky. These babies were originally $138, on sale for $75, and 40% off of that! Woohooooooo and they are so amazingly fabulous! I think I may like the print and hue of my jeans a little better than the Hudson ones. Happy day happy day.

If you are interested, the link for the Hudson jeans is here. Unfortunately, I can't find mine online or I would give that link as well. If you have a local Guess, check it out!

Hudson Nico Jeans

My jeans! How freaking cute, right?


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