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We stopped by Ann Sacks and Waterworks while in the city to see what they have thats new and fresh. Ann Sacks is a tile and stone company that has an array of product. The company opened in 1980 and began selling only Mexican tiles. After a year in business, Sacks was asked to fit tile to Kohler products and her company grew from there.

Waterworks not only sells tile and stone, but also has some of the best fixtures, fittings and furnishings in the industry. As you will see below, both companies carry gorgeous products. I learned a lot walking through both stores and now have plenty of ideas for my dream bathroom and kitchen :)

Here are a few of my favorite tiles from Ann Sacks... how amazing would these be on your bathroom floor?

Pretty Moroccan inspired tile 

Beautiful detailing on this one

Of course - chevron! For me its too much of a fad to tile into my house since it will be worn out in a few years, but I certainly love it right now.

This was a gorgeous antique mirror tile that was so amazing in person... the picture does  not really do it justice.

Fixtures fixtures fixtures!

They had a few sample bathrooms that looked really nice...

Again... the sky blue tile in slightly different size and style looked great

Onto Waterworks... this was a beautiful tub with decorative tile detail

Overall shot of the shower fixture area

Check out this big copper tub! So fab.
Oh PS I took pics of the fixtures at my room in the Plaza... gold gloriousness! 

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