Fabulous People - Madeline Weinrib

Can you believe Madeline Weinrib's collection debuted at ABC in New York only 8 years ago?? Her company has had such great success that it surprises me that showroom opened only 8 years ago. Anyway, Weinrib was featured in Elle Decor this month because she just opened a studio/showroom on Fifth Avenue. As to be expected, the second floor loft-turned-fab-studio is so gorgeous; the washed wood floors and white walls let the fabrics and rugs do the talking... and honey, they talk! My boss and I are visiting this new spot in April and I am so excited! I will def share my pictures when that time comes. Enjoy and happy Friday!

Ms. Weinrib and her puppies. 

Can we talk about these chairs? Incredible! The table is pretty fantastic too. 

Rugs, pillows, fabrics, drapery... heaven on earth! 

"Her contemporary riffs of traditional ethnic motifs quickly became a cult favorite with decorators and fashionistas." 

Yep... I'll take it all. 
Images via Elle Decor


Nuha said...

oh my gosh- all of these prints are gorgeous! i'd love to just spend a day in there playing around :-)


xo Jamie and Vashti said...

She is amazing! Wish I could afford one of her rugs!! A girl can dream...

Peak Rainey said...

I know! They are so fantastic. I would literally kill for a rug. Unfortunately, even with our trade discount, they are still quite pricey! Maybe one day, right?
Nuha - love your blog, thank you for stopping by!

Lily said...

I can only imagine how fabulous her studio is...I about died when I went to ABC and walked around her showroom !!


Peak Rainey said...

I knowwwwww! Her space in ABC is soooo amazing. I literally would be overjoyed to own any rug. You know how you usually flip through rug piles and you find a good one every 10 rugs? Not like that with hers; they were all delicious. Ahh tremendousss. I can't wait to check out her studio next month.

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