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In the new Elle Decor, a home in Marrakech is featured. It is so nice to see homes in different countries because the architecture, decor and general flavor of the house is so different from what we are accustomed to on a daily basis. Did anyone else see this house this month? What did you think?

PS: Loving the outdoor space and pool, but can we get some day beds and lounge chairs out there? Come on y'all.

Images via Elle Decor


xo Jamie and Vashti said...

I dig that mirror in the first picture!!

Peak Rainey said...

I know!!! You are going to hate me but my boss bought me and my co-worker one of those mirrors for Christmas after we were dying over it at High Point this past fall. It is sooo stunning. I don't have the best spot for it in my apartment right now... I will have to show you a pic sometime :)

Lily said...

I haven't even had time to open up the new issue...but this space is so fabulous !!


Peak Rainey said...

I have not thoroughly looked through it yet either.. this one just caught my eye. Hopefully the rest of the issue is just as good! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I love an exotic ethnic mix in interiors. I hope to reflect a bit of this in my home with treasures brought home from travels.

Btw...how am I so far behind on your blog!? It's criminal! I've just made like four comments on all your goodness you've posted! I'm trying to play catch up after having been out of town for nearly three weeks and didn't realize I hadn't checked blogs in so long!



Peak Rainey said...

HAHA you are cute.. you are not behind I was just a mad woman last night and did like 5 posts. LOL. My bf fell asleep at 10pm so my blog kind of took over my life for a little bit.

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