2012 Met Gala - Best Dressed

Ok - I know I said I was going to do part 2 of my Moroccan post tonight, but I totally forgot that there is Met Gala fashion to be discussed! So I promised we will get to part 2 later in the week. Wowww I obviously had a lot of favorites... this was a surprisingly well dressed event, there are usually more train wrecks on the red carpet.

Can I just start by saying - thank you Jessica Biel for FINALLY wearing your engagement ring out in public! Number one, not sure why you wouldn't wanna wear that nice rock 24/7, number two, why are you uncomfortable/embarrassed to discuss marrying Justin Timberlake? COME ON shawty I would be glad to discuss that if I were you. Good lord. And no, she didn't make my best dressed list. When she gets a new stylist/haircut/attitude, she can contact me about getting on my best dressed list. Anyway - shall we? Who was your best dressed pick? January Jones in Versace was my absolutely favorite... she looks stunning in canary yellow!

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