Obsession - Studded Moto Jackets

Good Evening darlings. We must discuss my latest obsession - a studded moto jacket. Really, it doesn't have to be studded.. I just want some detail that will make it not just a regular moto jacket. I have a kind of cropped faux leather jacket that I find I want to wear pretty often, so I feel I need an alternative. I knowww we aren't exactly going into fall, but my office is actually freezing in the summer and moto jackets + maxi dresses/skirts are so fabulous and chic. Ok.. here are a few contenders. Thoughts?

 1. Zara: Cream Studded $299 2. Zara: Cream Gold Zip $249 
3. Celeb Boutique: Cream Shoulder Studs $157 4. Celeb Boutique: Black Shoulder Stud $141 
5. Nasty Gal: White Spiked Moto $178 
6. Nasty Gal: Black Spiked Moto $218 7. Nasty Gal: Leopard Spike Moto! $178


fcdsfds said...

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Anonymous said...

I am ZERO help because I love them all! I would totally rock each and every one of these! My only thought is that since you're getting it to wear in the summer for a cold office maybe go with the white to keep it lighter in appearance by color only. Then come fall, get the black one. Hell, the leopard one is just a given any time!



Peak Rainey said...

HAHAHA thats how I feel! I don't even know where to start because I want all of them. BUT I do agree with you, I am leaning towards one of the cream colors because that would be good for spring/summer. I mean really it is good for the entire year but keeping it light is good in the warmer months. And I think I need the leopard. Immediately. LOL I was like wait is this something that one of the girls on Jerseylicious would wear? But then I realized it is too awesome for them :)

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